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Agoraphobia is defined as the irrational fear of being in public places. An agoraphobic person may fear going to the mall because it is a wide open space with many people, leaving them feeling exposed, or they may feel they can’t get out should they need to suddenly. The agoraphobic’s fear of leaving their comfort zone causes them to limit the places they go, and sometimes they may stop leaving their house altogether. Thoughts of leaving might cause extreme anxiety over what they perceive as humiliating or harmful and lead to panic attacks. (Source:

I was never diagnosed with agoraphobia but I remember experiencing the above symptoms on a daily basis. This was back in 2009 before I stumbled on EFT Tapping. I was afraid to do the most simple things: work out at my apartment’s on-site gym which was a mere 500 feet away from my front door, jump into my car and drive to work, hop on my bike and ride through the nearby neighborhoods. That was my life; I felt trapped, anxious and afraid.

Somebody Is Watching Me

It always felt like somebody was watching me (Michael Jackson knows what I’m talking about!). I had this feeling I was being observed and judged 24/7 no matter if I was home alone in my apartment or out and about…it never failed that I was always cowering from this feeling of constant scrutiny.

Though that may not seem like a big deal, it wore me down day in and day out. I felt exhausted, depleted and defensive for no apparent reason!

No More Fear

That mess has been tapped away! I’ve been free of that agoraphobic response for at least 5 years now. I’m always reinforcing the subtlety of EFT and it’s effects with my clients because I want them to realize that just because they don’t FEEL or SEE the changes, the changes are still happening.

Want to know how subtle EFT can be? I have no clue exactly when I felt the agoraphobic response lift from my daily life. No, I didn’t wake up one morning and think, “Hmm, something feels different. Oh yeah I’m not afraid to live anymore! That must be it!” Nope. That never happened. Instead it slowly melted away after persistent Tapping with my EFT Coaches. It melted away until there was no trace left, but still it didn’t hit me that it was gone!

The Lowdown

Persistence, persistence…oh and more persistence. That is what works. Don’t give up on yourself or your problems. Keep Tapping and continue to explore until you find the source of your fears, phobias and responses. Trust me it works!

How have you glazed over the subtle shifts in your work with EFT? When did you finally realize that solved a problem that has bothered you for years? Send me your stories I love hearing your thoughts, questions and aha’s!


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