Lift – Take Two.

I went back to Lift this past weekend and I just have to share the details. I think I’m in love with this process as it seems to morph each time I go.

I’ve been trying to get over a weird Summer-cold-sore-throat-ear-infection thing I’ve had desperately clinging to me for over 2 months now. My clients can attest to it! Remember Terran…minus her voice? Yeah. So I figured that my body is obviously yelling at me to slow down. I made an effort to just that this past week and I have been grabbing extra sleep any chance I can. Going to Lift seemed like a good idea too because it’s meant to relax me.

Of I went to Carroll Gardens with high expectations…

My Body

As with the first experience in the Isolation Tank I felt weightless, relaxed and, to my dismay, a little bored. I knew what to expect this time around and that’s where the boredom came from. I wished I had music joining me for my session!

I noticed the 1000 pounds of Epsom salt solution felt silky smooth on my skin or slimy…depending on how you choose to spin it.

My Mind

My mind felt more calm, peaceful and blank (in a good way!) than what I’m used to in normal life. I did feel a bit of anxiety if I allowed myself to bounce along and follow my thoughts, but when I consciously focused on the darkness surrounding me or the weightless feeling of my body I felt more at ease.

It is a strange sensation, especially living in a loud, intrusive city like New York to experience both complete silence and total darkness at the same time. Even as I sleep in my own bed there are sounds of construction, subway train rumblings and car alarms sounding in the night. So going to Lift and being completely cut off from the city noise…is a mind-blowing experience. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet…I think I like it but it’s still new and weird for me:-)

My Outlook

I don’t think I had the level of bliss I experienced last time. I felt calm and relaxed but not as blissed-out. What a bummer! I was looking forward to this part.

The Off Load

I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of going in weighed down (emotionally speaking, that is) and coming out with the feeling of buoyant lightness! I felt a noticeable change with my level of emotional baggage being lightened after my session.

Worth It?

Hell yeah! I’ll be going back for yet another taste of Lift next month! Stay tuned…


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