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This week, I’m taking my topic back to EFT. I learned something new and exciting and I want to share it with you!

As you know, especially if you are a client of mine, I am always working on my own stuff with a coach of my own. I believe if I’m not continuously moving forward and releasing myself from the past, I tend to get stuck in bringing the past to my present.  It has been my practice since 2009 to have weekly or bi-monthly sessions to help me continue to move forward. After all, how can I expect to help others deal with their personal baggage if I’m not dealing with my own? Do ya feel me!

Coaching is the most valuable thing I spend my money on (in my opinion!); way better than a massage or a new pair of shoes, although I simply adore a new pair of shoes! Why is it so valuable to me? Simple. When I work with a coach I am challenged, I am changed, I tend to grow and move past things that were considered problems in my life. I also see my clients grow and benefit more from my investing in myself. So rewarding for me to see!

Great so now you know my own practice when it comes to helping myself first, to in-turn help my clients. It’s like when they tell you in the safety demonstration when you board a flight: put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping the person next to you.

Show & Tell

I have a fun new technique to introduce you to (my coach used it on me and it blew my mind!) so you can start to play around with it. The technique is called Ask & Receive and was created by Sandi Randomski, Tom and Pam Altaffer. Read up on it here.

Ask & Receive is actually a series of statements that you can use to tap into your higher intelligence. You know that part of you that knows how to overcome your own problems? I recommend pairing it with tapping (tap while you say the statements) because, in my experience, tapping tends to make any technique more powerful (duh!).

The Rundown

Ask & Receive is built on these concepts,
1. Higher States of our consciousness always have the answers. They always have a bigger picture – a higher perspective.
2. We do not always have access to this information.
3. Ask & Receive gives us a way to directly get higher states knowledge.
4. Ask & Receive uses the power of the word.
5. Trauma creates limiting beliefs that continue to run our lives.
6. In Ask & Receive we unhook past traumas from current reality.

The actual techniques are built on these five statements,
1. “There is a part of my being that already knows _____.”
2. “That part of my being is willing to inform the rest of me now.”
3. “It is doing so now with grace and ease.”
4.“My mind body and spirit are receiving the information.”
5. “Information transfer is now complete.”

Source: Ask&

Step By Step

Choose the block you want to work on. Let’s make up an example, because so many people are afraid of public speaking, I will go with that topic. Let’s say “Giving a speech to 20 people while feeling calm and collected.”

1) You’d then start by tapping while you repeat the first of the five statements:  “There is a part of my being that already knows how to give a speech to 20 people while feeling calm and collected.”

2) Check in with yourself. Do you feel any resistance to that statement? If you do, then tap on it for a few minutes. “Even though I don’t believe that there is a part of me that knows how to give a speech to 20 people while feeling calm and collected, I’m open to shifting this.” Continue tapping on the negative statements until you feel like the first statement,”There is a part of my being that already knows how to give a speech to 20 people while feeling calm and collected.”, is easier to believe. After it feels more true to you can continue to Step 3.

3) Continue tapping through remaining list of statements above #s 2-5.

Why don’t you give Ask and Receive a try then let me know what you think? Send me your stories I love hearing your thoughts, questions and aha’s!


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