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Working two very different careers gives me a wide variety of experiences. I’ve never had access to the sales and numbers side of business before but that is changing.

Working for Slater Success Coaching allows me to see the backend operations and the overhead that goes into running a small business.  Well it’s all fine and dandy…it’s interesting and fascinating but I notice that I keep my distance from said numbers in my own personal finances. Numbers, money and finances scare me. So I’m tapping on it to turn that fear into a thing of the past!

Tap, Tap, Tap.

Here is a generic tapping script I created to cover multiple money problems. Happy Tapping!

EB: I’m afraid to look at my numbers.

SE: I don’t want to face my money problems.

UE: I avoid my finances like the plague.

UN: I would rather not face my debt, thank you very much!

CH: I can’t stand not being able to shop.

CB: I avoid saving money for a ‘rainy day’.

TH: Money is a thorn in my side.

EB: I’d rather avoid this whole subject completely!

SE: I don’t like facing my bills.

UE: I hate watching my bank account deplete.

UN: Tracking numbers is hard!

CH: I’d rather bury my head in the sand.

CB: Budgeting feels like a chore…a limit…such a drag.

TH: I’d rather shop ’til I drop. It’s way more fun anyway!

EB: Managing money is not my idea of fun!

SE: Last thing I want to do is design a budget.

UE: I’m open to looking at my finances.

UN: I’m open to creating a savings plan.

CH: I’m open to taking a light-hearted approach to money matters.

CB: I’m open to being well-informed on where my money is going.

TH: Money can be my friend.

The Results.

What are my results from consistent tapping?

– I’ve created a savings plan.

– I’ll soon be contributing to my 401 K again.

– I’ve started carrying cash instead of only using a credit card.

– I opt to use my debit card instead of my credit card so I see the money taken out immediately and know exactly what I have to work with.


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