So my adventure this week was checking out a place called Lift in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

I had never heard of Floating or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy before a girlfriend of mine mentioned it. I researched it and it sounded interesting claiming to bring about physical, spiritual and intellectual benefits. I wanted to try it!

On Friday I floated on my back, immersed in salt water (1000 pounds of Epsom salt!) for an hour in total darkness and silence. It felt like such a strange concept, I must admit. Climbing into the isolation tank and closing the door behind me made me a bit uneasy even though I knew I was perfectly safe.

So What Happened?

I have always struggled with the concept of meditation. It sounds great and I believe it totally works, but I have never been successful at achieving any sort of relief from the practice of meditation.

I feel as though I have tried it all. I have used mantras and sitting in silence. I have listened to CD’s that are supposed to put you into a meditative state and still I cannot shut my mind off enough to ‘get there’. My experience at Lift in that dark isolation tank is what I have always imagined meditation to feel like. Suddenly my mind was quiet. My body unburdened. My life felt far away and so did my problems. It was fun to watch myself cycle in and out of different emotions. I feel like I came out of that experience with new insights.

The Afterglow

It took around an hour to hit but when it finally registered that I had settled into a complete state of giddiness and bliss I was shocked.  No one had told me that Floating in isolation caused you to feel so good mentally. I expected the relaxed body and maybe a few insights here and there, but I didn’t expect the happiness and calm that settled over me after my session. It was as good as but also completely different from the experience of a great EFT session or full body massage.

I knew it was real when I received a text from my girlfriend who had gone with me to float. She said she was on an endorphin high and was in the best mood ever. Even her husband asked how many drinks she had because she was in such a great mood!

What’s Next?

I will be doing it again of course! I loved my experience so much I immediately purchased more sessions.

Here is the website, Lift- Next Level Floats if you want to learn more.


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