30 Feels Sexy!

So for those of you who are close to me, you might know that I have been kinda sorta freaking out about turning 30. I may have mentioned it in passing in our conversations or admitted my insecurity about this new era of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel great (aside from this nagging summer cold!), I look great (I work hard for to achieve this!) and I have my life at a good place right now, but still…my 30th birthday seemed worlds away for so long. I still feel like a 25-year-old inside!

Well, this past Thursday, I celebrated my 30th birthday. It was not earth shattering or mind-blowing. It was not bad or even scary. In fact, I kind of love the new me I have stepped into. It feels like moving to a new city and exploring the surroundings. Let me elaborate…

Surge of Confidence

The confidence is delicious. There has been a slow unfolding over the past year of my life and it is finally hitting HD now. I have felt my anxiety melt away, my insecurities shift and my ability to express my confidence (or ‘hold space’ as I like to call it) increase over the past year. I feel wonderful in my body and love the new drive I have found to really take care of it: bring on the Green Smoothies!

It’s A Big Number

Still the number 30 bothers me because I do not feel like I am 30 years old. I feel as though I am still in my mid-20s and when I get asked my age it’s hard to say 30 because it doesn’t represent what’s on the inside. I actually feel like I’m lying! It is so weird but I suppose I will get used to it in time.

I Still Got It

I know this might sound silly of me to say, but I seriously thought that as I got older I would get less attention from guys. As a single gal, that’s a scary thought. I thought as my youthful looks disappeared I would also lose my ability to attract guys and go on dates.

Lucky for me I was totally wrong! I am definitely learning how to step into this new-found confidence and use it to meet and get to know the opposite sex. It is actually easier because I know what I like and feel more confident to go for it, whereas before, I felt like I should ‘take what I can get and make it work’ only to realize it wasn’t making me happy and ultimately break it off.

What’s Next?

I haven’t a clue what my 30’s will hold but I know it will be a damn good time. I’m pumped to be at this exact place in my life and see what happens next!

How did your 30’s shake your life up? What new inner shifts did you notice at the age of 30?  Send me your stories I love diving in!


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