Say Yes!

“You won’t regret the things you’ve said yes to, but you might just regret the things you’ve said no to.”

Suzanne Evans was speaking on recounting your life on your deathbed (sorry to be so morbid this early on a Sunday!). That was the single phrase of Suzanne’s that stuck with me from Be The Change. It’s a powerful one and it rings true.

It’s true is it not? On your deathbed, will you remember and regret the things you said yes to? The things you opened yourself up to? The experiences you threw yourself into and learned something about yourself from? Um probably not!

On the other hand, for the things you said no to throughout your life, do you think you might have a couple of regrets about them? Wish you would have chosen differently? Want to go back in time and change a few things?

Saying “Yes” Is Scary

Totally  scary…I know! I hide from a lot of “yeses” myself.  I do my best to tap on my fears as they come up and sometimes they shift quickly and I can move forward. Sometimes they shift more slowly and I have to do one of two things: 1) Say “F**k it!”, ignore my fear and go for it anyway or  2) Accept my fear and be okay with the spot I am in.

Keep A “Yes” In Mind

It is difficult to face all your fears or to even attempt to tap on them all. Seriously, don’t tap your brains out! But, when all else fails, you can keep “Yes” in mind and challenge yourself to go for it despite the fear. At least it won’t be another regret to add to the list:-)


What’s the scariest experience you said yes to? Send me your stories  I love reading your emails!


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