Within the first week of moving to New York, I finished my last bag of Cuties Clementines and slowly but surely kissed my healthy diet goodbye.

It was the strangest thing to me that ever since I said “See Ya!” to Houston it has been impossible (and I mean a real inner battle) to eat light, healthy and juicy.

Suddenly, I found myself drawn to heavier foods and lots of caffeine. I was back on bread (delicious NYC bagels) and craving pasta. I was suddenly interested in coffee of any type…hot, iced, espresso…you name it!

This was odd for me because in Houston I would wake up early in order to make a fresh green smoothie every morning. I would have a healthy lunch then snack on fruits throughout the day. For dinner I would make a spinach + egg omelette or something light. It was easy and I somehow had an effortless motivation to follow through. Every. Single. Day.

Don’t get me wrong…I had my fun foods too. I definitely indulged in chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate covered pretzels and other sugary treats (Yum!) but this was a small portion of my diet.

Out The Window It Goes

There I was, fresh on the streets of New York, excited for a my brand new start, ready to rebuild my life and I was horrified to learn that the familiar comforting drive to eat healthy had simply disappeared.

I am sure the cause was the extreme stress of the cold winter, the fast pace of the city compared to the slower pace of the South, not having a comforting place to live and the struggle to find jobs. Still I felt panicky because the one thing I wanted to do was support my body and my health with good food.

I would walk by these fruit stands and Bodegas teaming with fresh fruit and veggies and think, “I should grab a few things then maybe I’ll start to crave them if I have them in the apartment and at my fingertips.” After that thought I would immediately feel panicky and super attached to finding a “heavier” alternative… like a sandwich or (Gasp!) a doughnut from Dough. Again, it was a strange reaction for me to experience!

Time Crawled By

So it has been over a year now and I have longed for that familiar drive to bloom once again. The drive where I wake up and crave fresh blueberries + watermelon juice instead of a blueberry croissant + iced coffee. Gosh I have wanted to feel it for so long!

Slowly, it has come back. I found myself starting with an apple two months ago.  Just one apple tossed into a sea of unhealthy foods. Then there was another apple and maybe a salad here and there. And now, finally, I am really starting to rev up! I been gobbling down watermelon, blueberries and papaya topped with ground flaxseed or almonds every morning.

I am incorporating smoothies with coconut oil, coconut meat and maca powder. I am tossing in a green smoothie at least once a week. I regularly grab fresh squeezed blood orange, tangerine or watermelon juice from the local market after my hot yoga classes.

She’s Back!

I cannot even express how delighted I feel knowing that I am once again balancing out my diet and bringing tons of vitamins and minerals into my body. It makes me one ecstatic gal! I feel like a piece of me has reawakened that was once hibernating.

I am once again moving towards a healthy me focusing on both my inner and outer. I propose a toast to my reawakening health and inspiring health in others…

Cheers to you!

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