I Salute You.

I am writing today as a tribute to all moms out there.

Firstly, Happy Mother’s Day!

Secondly, how do you do it?!

Many Pots On The Stove

Moms are required to get through the daily craziness of their own lives while simultaneously focusing on their kids and families too. I am overwhelmed just thinking about all the demands that come with motherhood and am pretty sure I am afraid to do it myself! More power to the moms out there.

Moms are great multi-taskers because their lives revolve around their family first.

Moms are amazing supporters of others because they think about the whole instead of just the self.

Moms are kind and sensitive to needs besides their own.

Moms give freely of their time, attention and energy.

Moms have to be on 24/7 and there is very little time to dilly dally.

Moms have to be comfy with making strong decisions and delivering anything on a moments notice.

In a nutshell, moms are amazing and deserve a lot of recognition.

Take This Day

Take this day and be ever so sweet to yourself!

Here is a tapping script to get you started.

EB: I am a mother, therefore I am a super hero!

SE: I carry around my super hero cape saving the day for anyone who needs

UE: I am kind, loving and dedicated to everyone but today is my day

UN: I’m taking this one for me

CH: I choose to have fun!

CB: I choose to focus on me and only me today

UA: I choose to allow others focus on me today too

TH: I’m putting my super hero cape aside today.

EB: I choose to acknowledge all I do today

SE: I choose to acknowledge all I give to others today

UE: I’m allowing myself to have a fabulous Mother’s Day in 2015

UN: I deserve it!

CH: I’m taking a breather…taking a day off…

CB: Me, me, me…

UA: I…I…I…

TH: It’s my day today!

EB: I choose excitement!

SE: I choose fun!

UE: I choose sweet hugs from those who love me!

UN: I choose surprises from those who love me!

CH: I choose lots-o-love from those who spend this day with me!

CB: Bringing it in!

UA: Pulling it to me!

TH: I am a super hero and today is my day!

What are you doing for Mother’s Day 2015? Send me a few snaps of your mother’s day gatherings HERE and post  them to the Facebook Page!


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