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I am a self-diagnosed workaholic. There I said it.

In the past I haven’t liked my jobs yet I was still driven to pound away for hours on end, going above and beyond what was expected of me in order to finally achieve that feeling of “job well done”. I was miserable and felt like I was on a hamster wheel. I noticed it was a pattern (as most behaviors are!) for me to blow hours of my time in the name of work. No bueno!

Different Jobs, Same Problem

Now I have found jobs that I love but I still find myself working long hours to meet some sort of inner standard I have unknowingly set in place.

A part of me thought I would let myself off the hook one day. You know wake up one fine morning, stretch my limbs and think “Today is the day I will start implementing a steady work-life balance. Today I will put myself first and never look back. Yeah!” Right. Like that’s going to happen!

Once Upon A Time…

I know where it comes from: I have two very good hard-working Acadian families to thank for this. It’s in our blood to work long hours and I absolutely honor my roots. I have noticed that my family gains a lot of their self-worth from the amount of hours they work or how hard they work.

My mother’s side of the family pride gains a huge sense of pride from being dependable, loyal and hard-working. It is considered a good character trait in the family. I have always been encouraged for being a responsible, hard worker and holding down a job starting at a young age.

As for my father’s side of the family, I was never too close to them and so I cannot get a sense of their work paradigm (hope I’m using that word correctly!) however I do know my father and he has always been a very dedicated employee. My experience of him growing up was that he was always at work, always working long hours (granted this was from a child’s perspective who really wanted to spend time with her daddy!) and work always came first. Always.

This is my foundation; do you see why I’m screwed?! Haha I kid, I kid! I am far from screwed because A) I see the pattern in myself, B) I aim to change it and C) I have EFT to break this pattern.

No Thank You

As I said above my family worked long hours and I absolutely honor my roots. I adore my family and I love them for who they are. That being said, I do not want this pattern for my life. I have worked tirelessly to re-create myself to have a life that makes me happy and this is a major piece that will up my happiness and reduce my stress. Even though I have used EFT to completely eradicate my tense shoulder muscles and jaw pain that came from work stress (I have completely forgotten what tense muscles feel like!), I still feel like I want to release the mental stress too. And this will only come from me working in a healthy work-life balance.

Bringing In The Big Guns

It isn’t as simple as tapping a few tapping rounds on “Even though I work long hours…” or “Even though I am a hard worker and it makes me feel productive…” No, it will not be a one minute wonder:-) I fully realize that feel like a lazy person when I do not work long hours. I also realize that I gain part of my sense of self (my “Me-ness”, if you will!) by working hard. It makes me feel productive; it makes me feel good; it is something I can brag about! Wo.

EFT is going to work wonders on this pattern as it does for everything I use it on. This is a biggie and I know I might take some persistence. I am okay with this!

Feel Familiar?

Do you also struggle with this pattern? Fret not! It is part of being American. It is what we are known for. It is what we do! We have a huge sense of pride around our work-ethic. Great! For those of you content with it, then please, carry on.  For those of you who want to move things around and try something different, here are some questions that are helpful to ask yourself before you start tapping:

– Do you feel pride when you work long hours?

– Do you feel like you are being lazy when you relax or take some time for yourself?

– Are you your work; your work is you? As in, is your career a part of your identity?

– What will you fill your time with when you are working less?

– Is it scary to work less?

Those questions should get you started. Happy Tapping!

What do you want to change about your work-life or work-pleasure practice? Send me a couple of  bullet points HERE. I love hearing from fans of the blog;-)


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