H-Town Bound!

Well it is about time I go back to see my lovely friends in Houston, TX!

Want to know how excited I was to make this trip? I had my suitcase packed for a week and a half simply because I cannot wait to travel back to see my friends and my old stomping grounds. God, I miss that city so much sometimes.

Love Them All!

I never quite knew what it was like to feel completely loved, accepted and wanted until I met my friends in Houston. I am not sure what it is about these peeps but they know how to welcome folks back into their city!

What Sparked It

I woke up in a cold sweat one morning about a month ago feeling major anxiety. “What gives?” I thought. I had woken up from a dream in a jolt and had an intense urge to book a ticket to Houston. I do not normally make decisions like this on a whim, but I did on this particular morning!

Next thing I knew, I was on my computer, iced coffee in hand, researching flights from New York to Texas. Booked it!

I then texted my friends, “Hey, by the way I just booked a flight to visit.” Before I knew it they had activities, invites, Happy Hours and Brunch plans made to get everyone together to say Hello. This is so mind-blowing to me!


I am totally indulging in reconnecting with my friends this weekend.  It will literally be all about me and I don’t feel one bit selfish about it. I feel very excited and downright deserving;-)

I decided to be light on the text and heavy on the photos this week…so here you are!





















Always get my hair cut in Houston. I’m very picky about my hair dresser.












Some of my guy friends!










The Blondes VS Brunettes Powder Puff game to benefit Alzheimers.










Houston gal pals!









A surprise flight in my friends personal plane!

































































Disco! My friend’s little birdie <3




















Art Wall at Inversion Coffee House








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