Attract More Fun!

How to have more fun is a constant challenge for me! Isn’t that just crazy?

The Past Dictates

It’s just the way I grew up. My upbringing was all about responsibility and maturity. Many times I felt like a little adult even at the age of 5.

In my ripe old age (Joking!) of 29 I now I have to schedule my fun in. I have to think of fun activities to do then I talk myself into doing them. Reasoning out that, no, I shouldn’t feel guilty for having fun and taking time off. Me-oh-my!

Honestly, it’s easier for me to grab for my Macbook and do some work or answer some emails than to have some fun. Oh dear!

It happens as you age, I think. Your life tends to feel somehow busier by the day and you may feel pressure to do more in an attempt to catch up. Fun starts to seem like an annoying waste of time that you could instead use to clean the kitchen, straighten your office, fix your bed or catch up on life!

It becomes a Battle of the Shoulds: I should do this or that, I need to take care of this or that and on and on.

Bustling City

Since relocating to New York, I’ve noticed that people here focus on working hard and working really long hours. You are constantly moving, running and pushing to be better and faster; it becomes a cycle and you, a hamster on a wheel. It’s so easy to work your life away here!

When I lived in Houston and, especially Louisiana, of course the pace was slower. But also the attitude around work was different. It was more laid back. Lunches could linger a bit. Projects could be postponed with less consequences. The feel around your work life balance was more, well, balanced.

Turning This Ship Around

Not  blaming this city for my lack of fun or challenges around working too much, in the end it’s all me! I dictate when and how much I work. I dictate how much fun I have!

I am focused on fun these days.

– I’m diving into the NYC Summer music scene with gusto! (Interpol, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, Kodak to Graph and Blockhead so far…) Music makes me unbelievably happy. I can listen to one live track and experience full head to toe goosebumps! Music is my drug:-)

– I am playing host to friends by showing them all of my favorite spots here in Greenpoint! I take them to the pier to enjoy the view of Manhattan from my perch in Brooklyn. I show them our cute boutique shops and mom and pop-type businesses around the area.

– I’m buying myself the loveliest bouquets of flowers to enjoy each week!

Attract Fun 

Here is a short, sweet tapping script to attract more fun into your life. Happy Tapping!

EB: Sometimes fun feels hard.

SE: It can be like a chore.

UE: It’s yet another thing on my To-Do list.

UN: Gosh, when did it get so hard?

CH: I used to live for fun when I was young!

CB: It was easy and effortless then.

UA: But now I’m playing my adult role too well!

TH: I’m ready to loosen up. I want to stir up more fun!

EB: I choose a dose of happiness.

SE: …a pinch of laughter.

UE: …a sprinkling of delight.

UN: …a bit of ecstasy.

CH: I choose to attract fun experiences and fun people to me!

CB: All it takes is a simple shift in focus.

UA: I’m actively choosing to shift that now.

TH: I’m open to more fun!

EB: …more excitement!

SE: …more possibilities!

UE: …more shenanigans!

UN: …more surprises!

CH: …more ease and enjoyment!

CB: Bringing it in!

UA: Pulling it to me!

TH: Fun is totally on its way!

How do you attract funf? I want to know your tips and secrets to making life more delicious! Email me at or tag me on Facebook HERE!

Oh and I wanted to update you on my “Sorry” entries from my blog post last week! I’m thrilled to report that my string of sorries is not as long as I thought it would be. I only had 7 for the whole week. Yeah! Becoming conscience of my language is a great practice!

I’m continuing on with the Sorry entries another week…

Lots of  love,

– Terran Leigh 








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