Do It For The Girls.

Sometimes I worry about the girls.

I worry about the generation of young women who are growing up in our super-stressful world just trying to find their way. They have to keep up with the world around them (school, work, family, friends and relationships) while trying to be okay with themselves, their lives and their bodies.

Every generation has to deal with different issues. I’m sure you remember what it was like growing up as a girl. Did you try to be perfect for everyone around you? Did you try to fit in? To be noticed? Did it not feel like you were being tugged and yanked in so many different directions?

A Narrow Escape

I think about my own journey. About how I used to struggle with my body image as I grew into myself. I also remember how dangerously close I came to developing an eating disorder. Luckily, EFT saved me from developing one, but at times, when things were really stressful and before I knew how to tap on myself, I definitely came close. It scared me to feel so out of control and it scares me to think of other girls feeling the same way without knowing a healthy way out. This is why I worry.

You Affect Them

What I love most about changing myself and focusing on my own “inner game” is the fact that I am setting an amazing example for other young girls and women to find a better way to deal with life’s daily stresses. You cannot change people but you can show them how much better things can be by changing your own life and circumstances and sharing your personal story with them.

Talk the Talk 

This is what is most important when you find yourself locked in struggle and feel yourself questioning whether to keep going or not. If you will only stop and think for a second about how many people you are actually changing, how many young women you are teaching through your own actions of self-love…you may find this a great source of motivation!

When you find that life is pushing down hard on you and things are not going your way, shift your focus and start telling your story to other women. It will do two things: one, take your mind off of your struggle while showing how far you have actually come, and, two, it will place you in the position of being a mentor / teacher instead of a complainer. It is a simple exercise that can work miracles!

You Are But a Ripple

Remember that everything you say, do and think ripples out into the world. Whether you realize it or not, you have a ripple effect on the people you meet, the friends you have and the family you hold close. You affect the next generation of girls and young women. You are their teacher and mentor:-)

I encourage you to remember this every single day and let if drive you to grow and improve your life. Let it propel you forward. Let it influence your interactions with those around you.

How will you influence the next generation of females to be stronger, better and more confident? Email me at or tag me on Facebook HERE! I simply love getting messages from you!

With love,

– Terran Leigh 









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  • delightinservice
    April 8, 2015

    Hi Terran,
    I’m sitting in the hospital waiting for Bart’s surgery to start enjoying your blog as always! My husband looks over and thinks your article is about
    “Girls ” as in a woman’s bustline.
    I had to laugh it helped to ease the pre- surgery gitters. Thanks for sharing your amazing words of wisdom!

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