Hold, Please.

Have you ever called a place of business and gotten the, “Can you hold please?” response immediately upon pick up? Annoying, isn’t it?

Well sometimes, as women, we do that very same thing to ourselves but on a much bigger scale. Ever feel like you have to put your life on hold until you:

– Lose the weight

– Land that job

– Find the one

– Become successful

– And on and on, ad nauseam…

Weighting to Live

I’ll focus on the ‘weight’ example from above simply because (as those of you who know me!) it is relevant to the work I do now as an EFT Practitioner. Waiting to live will rob you of your precious time. I see many women waiting until they lose weight to feel good about themselves. Also, I used to struggle with feeling compelled to wait until I was at the perfect weight before I felt okay to start living my life.

Slowly that began to change! As I worked on my inner game I forgot to care about halting my life until I reached perfection. Pffft! Perfection…that’s a funny word and an impossible destination. 🙂

An Illusion

It is all an illusion my sweet friends! It is an illusion to think you will ever reach that point where you say, “Alright now I am ready to live!” To imagine that one day, you will bound out of bed and think, “Yes! Now is the perfect time to start after my dreams.” To envision that next year you will have reached the point where you can finally begin to live the life you have been putting on hold.

That’s the Spot

Right here, right now. This is your starting point. You are to start from where you are now, who you are now, in this body, at this weight and with this personality. Embrace your flaws, your baggage and your problems because you have the rest of your life to edit, change and redesign it all.  What you don’t have is the rest of your life to wait.

Start now…in some little way. One small shift in mindset is all it takes. Stand up and walk out of the waiting room!

Send me your stories! How will you stop waiting and start living? Email me at eftinformation@gmail.com or tag me on Facebook HERE! I simply adore hearing from you!

With love,

– Terran Leigh 








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