An Extremely Healthy Obsession

I have major commitment issues with everything, it seems, except yoga.

I’m obsessed with my yoga practice and have been for over 3 years now. I feel like it is an extremely healthy obsession. The very first thing I seek out when I move to a new city is the perfect home-away-from-home which happens to be my yoga studio. It’s the one thing I count on; a constant in my life.

Sometimes It’s Easy.

I am one of those oddballs who thoroughly enjoys hot yoga. Holding difficult poses for an hour + in a steamy room filled with 15 + other yogis all gasping for breath with sweat pouring out of every pore. That sounds like a lovely weekend activity to me!

Yes, I am that girl.

I always feel cleansed, revived and energized after practicing.

It’s not particularly convenient but I do not mind hopping on 2 crowded trains, braving the sea of people and walking 20 minutes to get to Modo Yoga to take class. Rain, shine, snow or heat waves will not stop me. I live for the feeling of accomplishment and pride I naturally feel after surviving David’s challenging Free-Style or Siobhan’s Yang Yin class.

Sometimes It’s Hard.

Life is not always peaches and cream; neither is yoga.

On some days I feel anxiety when I am lying on my mat waiting for class to start. My mind will race, “You have to do this! You must remember that! And what in the world were you thinking yesterday when you did such and such!?”

I think about the upcoming hour of physical exertion I have to push through and sometimes I want to crumble…to slink quietly out of the yoga room unnoticed. I have to remind myself to face this. One. Pose. At. A. Time. and it will be over before I know it.

Sometimes, my emotional eating flares up too. Can you imagine my horror when I’m (being a good girl!) heading to yoga class and my brain is rifling through the different snacks / treats I would so much rather be eating instead of following through with yoga class?! Yikes.

I become super judge-y during yoga. Suddenly I am annoyed with everyone around me: “Why did he have to put his yoga mat so close to mine? Personal space, buddy!” or “This insane yogi is taking herself way too seriously. She breathes so loudly the front desk staff outside can hear her!” I am not proud of Super Judge-y Terran, I must be honest with you.

Sometimes It Is Downright Torture.

Picture it with me: I am in class, mentally as prepared as I can hope to be. The yoga teacher enters the room and makes introductions, offering some sort of enlightened nugget to us all like, “Set an intention for your class.” or “Think the words ‘Let Go’ as you go through each pose.” Then I begin following along, pose after pose…Tāḍāsana…breathe…move…Utkaṭāsana…breathe…move…stop thinking about To Do list…breathe…move…Upavesāsana…Ugh this hurts…Is this class over yet….breathe…move…Downward Facing Dog…breathe…move…This song is so sad, it reminds me of my ex-boyfriend and now I’m sad…breathe…move…Garudasana…breathe…move…and so on.

Then there is the emotional component to deal with. Each time I enter pigeon pose my hip joints ‘yell’ at me in discomfort and it never fails to trigger old feelings and emotions I thought were long buried. Many times I can’t tell it’s sweat pouring down my face or tears of emotion.

“Ah well, push through it, Terran.” And so I do.

No Pain No Gain.

I push through because this is life. No pain, no gain. It is the hard things that move you forward.  It is facing your fears, anxieties, “I don’t want to’s” or “I don’t feel like doing it’s” that drive you to progress.

And My Point is…


Whatever “it” is for you; push through to get to the other side. Push through the pain. Push past the discomfort. Face your demons and leave feeling a winner.  I promise it’s worth it.

At the end of your life, once you have taken stock of it all, what you will remember is what you did DESPITE the hardship you felt. You will remember that you didn’t give up. You will remember that you didn’t accept defeat. You will remember how hard you fought and how amazing you felt after winning.

So whether it’s an exercise class or a serious illness you are up against always remember: PUSH THROUGH IT.

Send me your stories! What have you pushed through? How have you come out a winner? Email me at or tag me on Facebook HERE! I simply love hearing from my readers!

With love,

– Terran Leigh 


An Extremely Healthy Obsession







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