Life Is Putty in Your Hands

“My…how you’ve changed!” I blurted out loud to myself in the mirror early Tuesday morning.

Once you stop snickering at the fact that, yes, I do talk to myself in the mirror at times I can continue telling the back story. 🙂 Here I go!

See, What Had Happened Was…

While I was rushing around getting ready for work just about ready to hop down to the G train, I walked into my room to grab something and found myself in one of those moments.  Do you know when you completely blank on what you walked into the room to grab in the first place? I found myself standing  in front of my mirror (mostly because my bedroom is so tiny that ANYPLACE you  stand happens to place you in front of that mirror!) with a blank look on my face. I stared back into the eyes of my reflection and my mind ran off with me.

Suddenly I flitted back to old memories. I remembered the me before EFT. The me before my life started changing. I remembered that lovely, but misguided girl who was sad, depressed and desperately looking for answers…relief…a way out…anything that felt better than here and now. I saw her clearly in my mind’s eye: she looked sad, weighed down, heavy almost. She seemed anxious and panicked; uncomfortable in her own body. Her body language said it all; she was unhappy.

Snap Back to Now.

Then I snapped back to the current me. The one standing here in my bedroom.

Wow. Mind blowing.

Re-assessing myself in the mirror and noting the differences in my body language and facial expression. Gone is that sad, desperate lonely girl weighed down by life. I love myself, my body, my jobs, my life, my yoga practice and my city.

I smiled at my reflection and said “My…how you’ve changed!” then walked out the door and off to start my day.

My How You’ve Changed!

Do you ever take the time to see your personal progress? To note who you were 10 years ago…5 years ago…1 year ago? What about 5 minutes ago? Before you started on your self-growth path versus after you started on it?

Write it in a personal journal, blog about it, stick it on colorful fun post-it notes all over your space or create sweet, loving letters to yourself.  Really sit down and take the time to honor yourself for all of your hard work and success. I don’t care how small or insignificant your successes may seem. Much like a snowball rolling downhill, every thing starts small and gains momentum. You are a masterpiece in progress so make a big deal out of it. You deserve to be honored.

It’s a fact that what you focus on grows exponentially. Why not do yourself a solid and focus on how you are rocking at life? Why not put the spotlight on each success, big and small, then watch your progress multiply. You are like an author re-writing your very own story!

Life Opens Up.

We are constantly moving & shaking, shifting & changing, ebbing & flowing. This is what I love so much about working with EFT and other Energy Techniques. It is a blast to play with energy and healing, isn’t it?

In my mind, all Energy Therapy Techniques (Healing Touch, meditation, visualization and so on) bring about such rapid change that it makes life malleable… like putty in your hands. Your past suddenly becomes a mere story you can edit. Your memories are no longer set in stone. You can actually access them, clean them up, improve your energy around them then re-file them into your memory all the while improving your perspective and self-concept!

You Now Have Options.

Things you thought you could not change suddenly become options for self-growth! So appreciate the amazing time we live in where we have access to cutting-edge techniques that allow us to re-design ourselves, our lives, our histories and our outlook. Go a step further and write your progress, success and celebrations down.

If you were to write down everything that you’ve successfully changed could you fill a page? A whole journal? Focus on your successes and email me your list of life improvements that you have noted at

With love,

– Terran Leigh 








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