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As an EFT Practitioner, the number 1 question I am asked is “How do I know what to say while tapping?”

I giggle inside a bit when I hear this because I know exactly how they feel! Or at least I used to know. I used to wonder if I was doing it wrong. I worried if I was using the right tapping phrases.

Things have changed. I have about 6 years of practice and experience under my belt. I see how daily tapping has changed my life and improved my health. This definitely gives me a different perspective. These days I don’t get tripped up on using the ‘right words’ or tapping on the ‘right points’. Mostly I will tap without uttering a word out loud.

You Cannot Do It Wrong.

Simply put, you cannot do it wrong…unless you are not doing it at all. Tapping can only work if you do it so do not allow your uncertainty about doing the process correctly stop you from actually doing it. Just tap already!

What is important is being tuned in to what is bothering you.  Even if you cannot put into words what you are feeling exactly that’s fine…sit down, feel that unnamed emotion and tap.  Simple does it!

Do Not Overthink It. 

It’s a two-step process, really. First feel the emotion that is bothering you then tap. I honestly believe that it is not about what you say. Words and tapping phrases are a great way to tap but also not saying anything at all is a great way to tap.  Whatever helps you get into the emotion you are experiencing is key.

My final word is this, when something is bothering you and you decide to use EFT for relief then go ahead and use words if they flow readily to you. If they don’t, then just use the emotion as your words. Feel it and tap.

What is your tapping process? Do you come up with tapping phrases or do you tap silently? Email me your tips and ideas at eftinformation@gmail.com.

With love,

– Terran Leigh 









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