Schooled By A NYC Winter.

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I fully expected my first New York winter to kick my butt.

It’s cold and wet. It’s icy and harsh. It’s brutal when you walk outside and get smacked in the face with an icy gust of wind. It gets so cold here your eyes tear up and your nose runs. All I want to do is turn on my heel and walk right back inside. I’m not going to even try to hide the fact that I slipped on a patch of ice and fell down…right in front of a cute guy who happened to be walking by.  Utterly humiliating and, yet, hilarious:-) No ma’am, not today, not doing this today!

But you have zero choice in the matter, really. You HAVE to get out into the cold. You HAVE to still live your life. You HAVE to face the weather.

The Flip Side.

Then there is the flip side of winter that encourages (or, rather, forces you) to slow down and look inward. It’s a time to hunker down and sort of break down. It’s a time to let go of what is not working in  for you anymore.  Hard as it is, winter  has its purpose.

I have definitely been schooled this winter.

I find myself losing interest in things I once loved, I see that my clothing style is changing and I am cleaning out some of the folks in my life that do not seem to fit anymore. This may seem small and silly but all of these things are sentimental to me.  My style and my friends are part of my identity and I struggle to let them go. Believe me, I fought it.  But it is necessary as things come into your life, have a purpose and then must exit to move on.

Giving In. 

As I have let go of these old parts of my identity I find that I am not taking myself as seriously these days and I have let myself off the hook in a lot of ways. I find myself walking slower, taking my time, being more gentle with myself and stressing just a bit less.

Great. Thank you winter!

What has winter taught you over the years? Email me your stories at

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