GROW With Less Growing Pains

Matrix Reimprinting is my new jam.

It is ever so gentle but still powerful in results. As you all know from my constant harping on the importance of ‘hiring an EFT coach’ and ‘doing personal work’ I have my own EFT Practitioner I work with. Well, I recently made the decision to hire a new EFT Practitioner. Not because there was anything wrong with my other practitioner. Hardly! She was still so fabulous to work with.  I think I just reached a point where I was ready for a different type of session.

I feel like standard EFT-style sessions dive deep into emotional ick with the intention to really feel then release those emotions. This has been helpful to me since I first started my private sessions back in 2009. The style appealed to me and got the work done. I would show up for my weekly tapping sessions and then watch in awe as my life would inevitably change for the better. It was a great formula and completely changed my life.

On the Lighter Side of Things

Now, I find myself to be in a different place psychologically and emotionally. It really settled in once I experienced my first Matrix Reimprinting training course in New York. In an offhanded remark from the instructor she put into words what I was picking up on some level but had not thought about consciously. She said something like “Matrix training weekends leave everyone feeling lighter and somehow happier instead of weighed down and triggered”.

That statement totally landed with me.  I realized that I might have reached a point where I was ready for that lighter, happier feeling at the end of my sessions instead of diving into yucky emotions, feeling triggered then releasing the distress to reach a neutral state.  It was as if, neutral wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

Clarity Hit Me

Once I took my trip to Playa del Carmen I reached a solid decision: I am no longer in a place were I want to go from painful to neutral. When I got back to New York, I interviewed and hired a Matrix Reimprinting EFT Practitioner. I’ve had 3 sessions so far and I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience! I feel lighter before during and after the sessions. I’m simply thrilled with my decision; it was perfect timing for me.

A Natural Progression

As you grow and change with whatever tools you choose to use you will probably notice that your needs in a practitioner change over time. If you notice things are not changing, this is where I’d be worried! I’d say time to look into a new practitioner or a new set of tools. Change is the point of it all, right?  So depending on where you are on your journey, I’d say go with the tool and the practitioner that feels right to you. Go with your gut, absolutely.

For those of you ready to step into a different, lighter side of EFT with more warm fuzzies, I’d say give Matrix a try. You just might like!

– Terran Leigh 


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