Same $%!t, Different Year

Welcome to 2015! I say screw the New Years Resolutions, let them just die.  It is time to try a different tactic: focus on what is stopping you instead of New Years Resolution-ing yourself into frustration.

Same $%!t, Different Year

Okay you know everyone does it. You go to work and everyone is chattering about what they are going to do more of, less of, be better at, focus on or change about themselves during the new year.  Inevitably, within the next couple of months most of those people will tumble off the bandwagon. This isn’t by any fault of their own or any choice of their own! You know they threw their whole heart, mind, soul and effort into their 110% well-intentioned-not-going-to-fail-this-time attitude complete with finger snap and thank you very much! Yet still, so many will smack into a New Years Resolution wall.  Another way to say it “self-sabotage will come a-knockin’.”

Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do

The reason your resolutions are falling flat (or causing you to fall flat!) is because you have blocks, beliefs, opposing self-talk or fears that are going to stop you cold in your little determined tracks. Toss your hands up in surrender and listen up!

If you want to see results, go farther, move faster or be a different you than you are now then you have to unearth the dirt that is stopping you.  Everyone has dirt. And I mean everyone! Everyone builds beliefs, ideas, inner dialogue and other forms of subconscious matter as they move through life. It’s part of being a human. How else would we learn to survive in this crazy world? It isn’t a bad thing at all.

What makes it troublesome is when those beliefs, ideas, inner dialogue and other forms of subconscious matter go against a goal you have set for yourself.  This is what causes you to self-sabotage, fall off the bandwagon, lose momentum and sacrifice motivation when going for your goals.

Again, this is not a problem. EFT is a great little tool to find and fry the subtle and not so subtle things that are holding you back!

The Battle of the Minds!

Does this sound familiar at all?

First, your conscious mind:

A well-intentioned New Years Res. might sound something like, “I want to finally drop this extra 10 lbs. To do this I will sign up for Weight Watchers  or eat only chicken breast for dinner each night.”

Now, your subconscious mind:

What is going on behind the scenes in the deep, dark (not-so-scary) recesses of your mind, “Chicken breast is so boring! I’ll do it for a month then go back to the real, good food. Also, did I mention chicken breast is boring? I’ll probably eat a pint of B&J’s after dinner to treat myself.”

Now be honest. Out of the two, which is more likely to happen?

1) You successfully eat chicken breast for dinner for the rest of your life therefore shaving off that troublesome 10 lbs for good?

2) Or you do the chicken / Weight Watchers thing for a time but somehow find yourself slowly but surely regaining the weight as you watch in silent horror cursing our friends Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry the whole time.

Be honest. What is the most likely outcome?

And how about this one…

First, your conscious mind:

“I am so ready to quit my job and embark on my dream career! This year I vow to at least start taking steps to change careers. To do this I will spruce up my resume / get my business entity set up / start taking night classes.”

Now, your subconscious mind:

“Gosh, I’m so busy at work that by the time I get home I’m absolutely drained of energy. I have zero time to research all the steps involved in setting up a business entity to launch my dream company. I don’t have enough money to pay for night classes!”

Think these limitations are out of your personal control? Think again. It’s funny how when you remove the fears and blocks to achieving a goal, things seem to ‘magically’ shift so that a path is created for you to take steps toward that goal. I speak from experience…I have seen it happen!

The Babbling Brook

So I’ll quit babbling and just cut to the chase: New Years Resolutions are only the first steps. The real work is using the resolutions to find out what’s really stopping you from having that goal already!

I can help with that! Then EFT can do the rest…

Email me to book a session!

Oh, and enjoy my New Years Eve photo booth shenanigans!


Something funny?


Money talks!


The group…


And then there were…like…15!


Sparkling wine for good times!

P.S. I did not make any New Years Resolutions but I DID list out some things I want to see come into my life this year! I wrote these down and I read it every morning. In the spirit of practicing what I preach, I will use this list in my personal EFT sessions with my own coach for tapping material. As we tap through my blocks this will help me reach my goals and attract these lovely things into my life. Voila! Simple, eh?

– Terran Leigh 


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