Energy Is Sexy

“What, oh, what does she mean by that title?” I can hear your thoughts already! This blog is for the girls…

Ladies, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Energy is sexy. Or shall I say, good energy is sexy!  Yes, good looks are a source of attraction. A nice body will turn heads, true, but what about that thing you pick up on that draws you to someone? That unnamed something that makes you curious about a person. That’s the energy I’m talking about.

The thing people really pick up on is your energy.  If you feel good about yourself that’s a great energy. If you feel happy for some reason or for no reason at all, that’s a great energy too. If you have a bounce in your step, guess what? Yeah, you guessed it: great energy! As a woman this can equal guys offering to assist you more: “Let me help you carry your bags.” Or being asked out on more dates. Or gaining more respect at work or at home.

Do You Wear Yourself Well?

As in, are you comfy in  your own skin? If you are, rock on! Do you feel good about you? You should, because you are awesome. If you don’t feel so hot about the person you are why not discover why that is?  It might just change your life. In fact, it will change your life.

I want to clarify here that feeling good in your body has nothing to do with weight or looks or physical appearance. I know that it can feel like losing weight will make you feel amazing. I also know that thinking if you only looked like this movie star or that actor you would totally feel good about yourself. Do not believe these thoughts. Lies, I tell you!

You can feel good despite your perceived “flaws” or “shortcomings”.  All it takes is a little energy maintenance. You know like daily grooming of the stuff you take on each day.

For example, the bad mood you fell into when that guy didn’t call you like he said he would. The funk you fell into when you got into a disagreement with mom.  The passing comment your coworker made about your work that just did not sit well with you.  Know what I’m talking about?  This is stuff that piles on day after day, year after year.  If you do not clean it up, if will weigh you down and stop you in your tracks.

Energy Detox.

All you have to do is shift your energy. Dig yourself out from under your past experiences. Unearth yourself from the years and years of negative self-talk, betrayals and let downs.  Essentially you need a detox!  This will allow you to feel clean and clear and downright vibrant.  I’ll vouch for it, because this is the life I live. I’ve actually had this experience and can say 100% that your energy, how you “wear” it and the way that you feel inside is everything. I want to help you feel better in your own skin. This is what drives my passion. I live for your success stories and victories!

My Own Experience.

I will tell you what I discovered from my own experience. I used to feel severely depressed. It’s taken some time and some definite inner work but boy am I reaping major results! I feel like a whole new me…kinda like you feel when you get a sexy new dress or a hot pair of heels! These days I feel good about myself, who I’ve become, what I do and where my life is going. Each day I feel less and less like I am stuck in my past and more in touch with my present. It’s downright fun being me these days.

Bragging Rights.

If it sounds like I am bragging, know this: I am. But I have earned the right to brag. I came from a tough, sticky place and have gotten to a place where I am happy and content. Did I do this on my own? Well, yes and no. The motivation and inner drive to move forward is all me. I kept myself going, I hungered for more, I pushed through the pain. The part that did not come from only me is the ability to spot my own issues and figure out good angles to come at them with. I have hired many Life Coaches / EFT Practitioners for this.

Taking the Plunge.

Know that you will feel more supported and less overwhelmed once you hire someone to help you face the skeletons in your closet and clean up your past. Know that you will see more results if you hire someone to hold you accountable to your personal goals week after week. Know that the hardest decision will be to take action to hire a coach to work with. Knowing these things, ask yourself: am I worth it?

I’ll close with this: if you want a change in your life, you just have to jump. It is the best decision I ever made:-)

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