When Your Sandbox is the Matrix

We all saw the movie. Red pill versus blue pill, right? The idea of a matrix makes for a great movie. But did you know it also makes for a spectacular self-growth tool? Indeed it does.

Combining EFT with the concept that our past trauma gets stored in a sort of holding area, or matrix, if you will, can make for a wacky experiment in rewriting your personal history. Wacky, yes, but also extremely powerful and highly effective.

Playing Within The Matrix.

The name of the technique is Matrix Reimprinting. MR involves stimulating acupressure points while actively staying disassociated (different from regular EFT) from your traumatic memories while you work on resolving them. This allows for a very gentle process. Can you believe that you actually get to rewrite your memories? Talk about alternate endings!

Can you imagine jumping inside your mind and rewriting a memory that has haunted you for years!? Well this is all MR is.  It’s the most fascinating transformation to witness. Watching someone as they undergo even a few moments of this type of work is mind blowing.

The Matrix.

The way I understand the concept is ‘the matrix’ serves as the holding area for all of your personal life experiences (both good and bad) and that of the collective unconscious. This is the space you will access when you want to work on rewriting a memory. It is as if your past is frozen in time still running old programming based on beliefs you formed from the life experiences you have accumulated. Once you rewrite your memories you can change beliefs which will then influence your behavior and finally change your life. Sheesh! That’s a mouthful.

Feeling Lighthearted.

The main thing I noticed in a big way during this training is it is unlike no other I’ve ever experienced.  Typically, when attending an EFT Training you will experience a lot of emotional upheaval.  Basically, you feel crappy during the whole event and may not even know why! What happens is as you tap (especially in a group setting as in a training) you stir up a lot of unresolved emotions.  You will feel triggered and annoyed and confused and God knows what else! You may or may not even be consciously aware of this phenomenon.

This weekend of Matrix Reimprinting was 100% opposite! I left feeling lighter, happier and clearer.  It made for a fabulous weekend where I literally felt I was walking on clouds…no drugs necessary!

T Meets Her Mentor, Finally.

I’ve been a certified EFT Practitioner for a few years now but have never had the opportunity to meet my Mentor, Alina Frank, in person.  Since she was one of the instructors for this training I finally got to give her a hug! It was lovely to finally meet her.

Sleepy Time.

Apologies that this blog was so short but I am sleepy! I have 6:30 yoga to be up for in the morning so I have to say goodnight, my lovelies!

If you dream about me tonight, do not be alarmed. It is just your subconscious insisting that you want to work with me!  Book at session by email:  eftinformation@gmail.com

– Terran Leigh 


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