The Big News

“Everyone needs to experience their first shitty NYC apartment.” was my friend’s matter-of-fact reply to my complaints about my current living situation. True, I thought, I guess I needed to pay my New York dues like the rest of them!

I’ll rewind and explain.

Greenpoint: I Like-Like You

Just so you know, I absolutely love the area in which I live in Brooklyn. I recognize how lucky I am to have landed in Greenpoint and have the privilege of staying here as it’s pretty costly and I’m not made of money. Somehow, I found a decent little, affordable room to call home for the 8 months that I have been here. That being said, I am living with two guys (As you know, boys are kinda messy. Ew.). Also, one of my roommates doesn’t seem to like my living there at all and it makes me feel really uncomfortable in my own home. Lastly, my room is windowless. No big deal, right? Well after 8 months of it, I feel worn down by it.

I have been antsy to move for about 7 months now, but somehow it felt impossible. A mountain I could not climb. A problem I could not face. A thorn in my side. A downright daily annoyance.

Do Something About It!

I had two opportunities to move in with friends, yet I didn’t. Something held me back both times and I became really frustrated with myself for not taking them up on their offers. For months now you would hear me saying, “I should be combing Craigslist daily for a new place to live.” yet I just never followed thru with my ‘shoulds’. I felt like I was that annoying person who mindlessly complains while acting like a total victim and not taking action to get herself into a better situation.  I was driving myself crazy!

I worked on it with my Life Coach, nothing changed. I added the words “Find a new place to live” to my To-Do list, nothing changed. I questioned myself as to why I was making this so difficult. “Why am I refusing to take action?” and still nothing changed.

Toss the Universe a Bone.

Finally I just put it out there. Like I literally (out of pure frustration and desperation) started begging the Universe…God…the Great Unknown…the Stars, Moon and Sky and frankly whoever would listen to: Please. Send. Me. A. New. Place. To. Live. Already. Then I’d quickly I added a meek and humble “Pretty please with a cherry on top” to the end of that statement for good measure.

Making My Life Hell.

I cycled back and forth between two extremes: I love living in Greenpoint so much that I am willing to put up with my apartment and roommate living arrangements in order to stay here. Then I would experience this inner panic-anxiety-stricken-anger-feeling where I felt I could not stay here another minute and would do just about anything to move out and feel a sense of relief.

I begged, pleaded and basically whined for something better…some place that felt like a home…some place where I could feel comfortable. I didn’t feel right in my Franklin Street apartment and hated the dreaded feeling of being an intruder in my own space.  Not pleasant!

And So I Happened.

I asked and it was delivered. Finally I shifted. I felt it so clearly one day something clicked and then I was ready.

Ready to search Craigslist and Listings Project. Ready to put myself out there and face the disappointment of not finding the right place (yes, I know I make it sound like getting into a long-term relationship!). Ready to start making time to scour online listings then view the apartments. It’s a crazy process here as places get snatched up within a day of the online postings, sometimes less than a day! Ready to face the possibility that I might have to leave my beloved Greenpoint.

The One.

I only had to view three apartments before I found The One. The One was perfect. It was effortlessly within my price range, located across the street from my subway stop off the G train, down one of the pretty, tree-lined, streets I enjoy walking down each day en route to work and, yes, it was located in my beloved Greenpoint. Did I mention it was across the street from the G? Great! Now, I just have to battle it out with the 10 other people who also want this to-die-for-place!

I never win anything in life so I immediately set myself up for disappointment telling myself I probably won’t get it anyway.  After viewing the apartment on a Sunday evening, I remember feeling elated to have stumbled on such a great find and then immediately saddened because I knew it would get snatched up by some lucky bastard. Sigh.

I Am That Lucky Bastard!

I got the place!

Here I am sitting in my favorite bagel shop: Murray’s Bagels on 6th Ave. (shameless advertising!), chomping on my favorite breakfast: Pumpernickel with butter and grape jelly, pulling my phone out to check my email.  You should know that I had checked my email no less than 20 times the night before hoping that I would have good news waiting for me in the form of “You got the apartment!”

And there it sat, a shiny new email from my soon-to-be-roomie saying “I thought we got along well when you came view the apartment and I would like to offer you the room.”

I swear to God it was like finding the Golden Ticket in a Wonka Bar.

I felt relief wash over me for three main reasons A) the search was over, B) I got exactly what I wanted, and C) I could say goodbye to the 8 month stint of discomfort and dread that had become my home life.

If you happen to visit Greenpoint this month you just might spot me happily bopping my way down India Street lugging a suitcase full of my belongings to the new place.  I got what I wanted and I am so happy.

The Moral.

The moral of the story is ask for what you want because you just might get it. Don’t be afraid, just toss it out there and see what happens!

Oh And P.S.

Pssst! Halloween turned out to be amazingly fun! Here is the proof, as promised:-)

Emoji Twins

Us as Emoji Twins! Perfect posture!

The Girls: Emojis, Uma, a Kitty Cat, Cotton Candy and a Witch!

The girls from left to right: Ana was a witch, Amber and I were Emojis, Holly was Uma Thurman, Michelle dressed as a Cat and Hillary was Cotton Candy!
















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