Driving Force

What gets you up in the morning? Like what is the one thing that yanks you out of bed and out of the door? More importantly, is it something you enjoy or dread?

Most people will say it’s their family or job that gets them up in the morning. Great! So would you say you have a great relationship with that family? Do you enjoy your job? If you said yes, then I believe you live from a place of passion. If you said no then we have some work to do and you should email me immediately to book an appointment:-)

Of course, there are hundreds of thousands (truly countless!) things that drive people through life. The trick is to make yours one of passion. The reasoning behind it is simple: passion makes life more yummy!

Sneaky Little Bastard!

Passion can be elusive and tricky if you were not taught how to find it in yourself and live it. Lucky few grow up knowing what they are passionate about, while others will search their whole lives for that one delicious thing (or many things) that really draws them in. It can be super frustrating when you wake each morning desperately searching for the reason you are here.

Questions like “What am I doing with my life?” or “Why should I care?” or “Is this all there is?” might play through your mind on a loop. You feel an insatiable need to search under every rock, behind every door and within every person for something…you aren’t sure what exactly… but something more.

Look, I’m not trying to be dramatic. Okay I lie …I am! But these thoughts are real, right? People search for their passion, purpose or driving force each and every day.

How do you find it?


Ask for it. Everywhere you go, every single day: pose questions to yourself.

– What do I want in my life right now?

– How do I want to feel today?

– What will delight me in this moment?

Stay in the Now.

Notice all the questions are “now focused” they aren’t aimed at locking you into a permanent mindset but rather focusing on what is desired here and now. You want to keep them now focused because you are a living, breathing human who changes each and every day. What pleases you today may or may not please tomorrow. What tastes great to your palate this month may not be your thing next. The fact that your whole closet is filled with electric orange-colored threads now, might just come back to bite you in the butt later! In fact, I’ll bank on that last one:-)

I say all this to emphasize the need to leave yourself some wiggle room to grow and change as you develop your passion(s). Things you are passionate about this year will inevitably morph and change over your life time. Totally normal! Expect it.


Once you figure out your passion you can begin growing it. You will focus your attention on it, focus on the joy it brings you, focus on the joy it brings others when they feel your excitement about it. You will want to talk about it, research it and practice it daily.

I had to do these exact things with EFT when I first discovered it back in 2009. I didn’t get that it was my passion right off the bat. Passion didn’t knock me over the head one fine day and there I go. No, it was more of a slow burn. I had to practice it daily and develop a “muscle memory”. This allowed me to begin seeing some results and small victories in my life which is what bloomed into passion. When I saw myself being successful with EFT that is what fueled my fire.

I say that for you to realize that passion isn’t all a sexy love affair. It truly requires you careful focus and attention to discover what it is, learn more about it, become good at it and figure out how to keep it current (and exciting!) as you move through life.

There will be good times and bad times as with anything else but when you come from a place of passion everything in life looks a little rosier. Trust me on this one.

Do you know your passion? How did you discover it and how do you keep it current and alive in your life?  Drop me a note me, Eftinformation@gmail.com.

Until next week my loves!

– Terran Leigh 


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