Strutting Through Williamsburg Half Naked

Let me ask a couple of things.

You know how when you start doing inner work on yourself in a certain area, how life tends to throw situations at you to push you, test you and ultimately make you grow in that very same area? And you know how I’m in the process of working through emotional eating and self-esteem issues having to do with my body image?

You: Nod “YES” emphatically at your computer screen because it is all I seem to write about these days.

Okay good. I want you to keep those two key pieces of info in mind while I write.

Halloween is close, as you know, and so I feel the inevitable inner dialogue playing out in my mind that comes up every year.  “Ugh Halloween. What do I do this year?”

Option 1: “I’ll just make some excuse to not dress up and instead find a friend who also despises this holiday. We’ll make plans to be anti-Halloween and make our own non-dress up fun all in the name of being “different from the crowd”.

Option 2: “I can plan a trip that just happens to fall on this particular weekend and, voila, I am free of all Halloween-involved activities!”

Option 3: “I will be a good sport and join in even though I think Halloween is a like a plague you can’t escape.”

Have I painted my picture clearly? Common theme: I don’t particularly enjoy the idea of Halloween. Oy!

Did She Really Just Call it a Plague?

Yes I did.

1) No, I don’t want to dress like a slutty version of some random pop culture character then parade myself around in a drunken haze on this freezing cold October-night.

2) There is no monetary reward for me joining in on this madness disguised as ‘fun’.

3) On this one night, all of my normal clothing comforts are stripped away (like my latest obsession with cozy over-sized winter sweaters and slouchy pants) and ultimately replaced with this barely-there outfit that Typical-Terran would so not choose to wear.

4) It takes a LOT of brain power for me to come up with a successful Halloween costume. I know that even after painstakingly selecting a costume I can stomach, I will still (inevitably) spend the whole night explaining what I’m dressed up as to confused-looking passers-by.

5) I see other people excitedly brainstorming clever, crazy-fun costumes and roll my eyes, secretly jealous that they came up with such a genius idea for a costume! Why didn’t I think of that?!

And that, my friends, is my view of Halloween. People call this fun? Well obviously I am allergic to fun:-)

So, Same Time Next Year?

As much as I bitch and moan, protest, whine and roll my eyes (now that’s the spirit!) I join in every year. Go me!

This year we have a gang of gals who totally want to rock Halloween. So they sent a group email to gauge interest…

“I’m totally in!” was my email reply to the chain of exciting Williamsburg bar options we were tossing around as places to go for this ‘grand holiday’ evening of all things creepy (aka Halloween). Even before I knew what I’d be subjecting myself  to (I’m talking costume-wise) I sent my excited reply thinking “Oh won’t this be such fun? Halloween in New York!”

And what do you think my girl friends decided on as group costumes?  Emoji Twins!

Dead silence in my brain. “Wait, huh? What’s an Emoji Twin?” I thought.  One quick Google search later, I found out. “Oh how cute we will be traipsing around Brooklyn looking like adorable dancing twins! All I need is a basic black leotard. That will be fabulously easy!”

Wait a beat. The word “leotard” sinks in. Next comes the realization that I haven’t worn one since I was 5 years old in Mrs. Trahan’s dance class.

Webster defines leotard this way, le·o·tard noun ˈlē-ə-ˌtärd: a piece of clothing that fits tightly and covers the body except for the legs and sometimes the arms.

Terran defines leotard this way, le·o·tard noun ˈlē-ə-ˌtärd: tight, skimpy, barely there, sorry excuse for clothing and I may as well be naked because it’s not much different from wearing a fitted sack with holes cut into if for arms and legs.

Are you feeling me?

Just the idea of walking in front of an American Apparel bothers me…the tight fitting clothes and the size 0 mannequins… Why would eagerly walk into one, proceed to try on my worst nightmare idea of threads then plop $70 bucks down onto the counter? What torture.

Halloween ’14: Guaranteed to Be Doubly Fun!

Note the above sarcasm verging on possible optimism.

So this year, on top of my normal anti-Halloween sentiments things have been compounded because I feel especially insecure about my body (still working on this!) lately. I will tell you why this is good in the next section! In the past I have forced myself to wear either low-cut or absurdly short costumes in the name of Halloween but never have I even entertained the possibility of a body suit! That is a whole new level in my book. Gasp!

Over the Top Ecstatic.

I am thrilled to be faced with this Halloween costume fiasco because it means I am going to grow like never before!

What better way to be forced to face and overcome your body insecurities? Strutting around Williamsburg (one of the most fashion conscious neighborhoods in this country) which is teaming with pretty (mostly younger and in-better-shape than me) females and some of the most adorable, cute, hot (you name it!) guys you’ll ever meet!

It is absolutely fool-proof. I am bound to feel like crawling out of my own skin the whole night! That is totally fine because, now, I am armed with the tool (EFT Tapping) and the motivation (the desire to love and adore my body regardless of what I am wearing!) to knock this issue out of the ballpark with a satisfying crack! Great sound effects right?

Like Never Before.

I also realize that my decision to go through with this costume is unprecedented. I would have never agreed to a leotard had I not already Tapped away so many of my insecurities. I am completely certain of this and mighty pleased too!

In closing, I have this one thing to say, “Bring it on, Halloween, bring it.”

Bring it on Halloween, bring it on. **Big Gulp**

Bring it on Halloween, bring it on. **Big Gulp**


What’s in the cards for you this upcoming Halloween? What are your crazy costume ideas and silly plans for the night?  Drop me a note me,

– Terran Leigh 


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