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From the get-go I loathed the idea of the Personal Peace Procedure. (Did a question mark just pop up over your head?  Find out what the PPP is, HERE)

Yes, it sounds like a solid way to move a bunch of the inner garbage from your past out really quickly but come on, it feels so heavy!  Each time I would so much as entertain the thought of doing this exercise I would hear this annoying little voice inside protesting.

“I don’t wanna” it would whine. So I didn’t.

I am not super proud that I cannot man-handle myself enough to push my way through the Personal Peace Procedure.  I do want to make peace with the fact that maybe I’m just not ready for an undertaking that large. Or perhaps there is a different way I would prefer going about clearing my old garbage.

Always aiming to share how I do things, here I go.

Down a Rabbit Trail

Always been a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland and love the phrase ‘down the rabbit trail’ simply because it conjures a picture of the White Rabbit sing-songedly remarking “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date. No time to say “Hello, Goodbye”. I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” every time.  Apparently, I value the  ‘down the rabbit trail’ method of digging up my dirt from the past.

As in, I will not do the Personal Peace Procedure but I will allow my mind to dive into a rabbit hole at least hundreds of times a day in an attempt to tap my way to the core or root of a presenting problem.  Okay, I may be confusing you guys at this point. Apologies!

Prime example of rabbit-hole-diving: Here I am reading a book.  The book, regardless of the topic, will (most likely) bring up a limiting belief (or fifty!).  I’ve been doing this inner work long enough to recognize A) Here is a  limiting belief and B) It is one I do not want any more. So then I get to the part where I dive down to find the source of the belief.

Ask Good Questions.

– Where have I felt the feeling behind this limiting belief before?

– When have I seen evidence to prove this limiting belief true in my past?

– How has this belief been reinforced over and over again throughout my life?

After I’ve done some exploring with the questions I can begin to tap.

Mostly, I’ll do this process mentally because I might be reading said book in a public place. I do not want to look like a weirdo banging her fingertips all over her face and repeating absurd phrases.

Not really the look I’m going for; there are enough street crazies in this city.

EFT Tapping Works Its Magic

Like clockwork, after a couple of rounds of tapping the acupressure points my mind, laced with the hypnotic mind-state EFT Tapping brings, will start diving down different ‘rabbit holes’.  Memories, feelings, triggers, smells, tastes and sounds will start popping up to take me further and further down.  Okay, so this is starting to sound like an acid trip, right?  Well it’s a completely safe and healthy way to trip, if you want to look at it that way.

My job here is simply to stick with it until I leads me to some sort of calm feeling of resolution, aka reaching a zero on your SUD Scale.

And that, folks, is the method to my madness, er, my mad method of getting to the root of my issues!

Have you tried the Personal Peace Procedure? What’s your take on using it?  Email me, Eftinformation@gmail.com.

An Adorable Window Display

An Adorable Window Display


– Terran Leigh 


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