You Are Impossibly Lovely

“You Are Impossibly Lovely” was neatly written on the chalkboard outside of the coffee shop right below my apartment. I noticed it as I hurried down Franklin Street on Monday.

Those words stuck in my mind for the whole length of time it took for me to walk to the subway and jog down the stairs to the G train; about 10 minutes. I was surprised by how they hung in the air and I allowed myself to take the words in. I literally pictured those words floating in through the top of my head and spreading to each cell of my body.

I noticed a new (and oh so exciting!) development: I felt the energy behind words for the first time. The Ah-ha moment was caused by the energy behind the words sinking into me. I became immediately conscious of how they affected me for that 10 minute walk.

I’m Only Human

Look, I run this blog, as you know, and you show up week after week to listen to me harp on the importance of being happy. You receive my posts on how to love yourself more each day. You hear me blab on and on about being positive and releasing negative emotions in my blog posts.  You know my whole spiel.

I know, broken record, right?

And maybe you think I have these “get happy, change your life for the better” practices nailed down by now.  Maybe you think I walk around like a sweet, little fairy child emanating “I adore myself” vibes and tossing love beams at every passerby. Haha! Well I don’t (you totally knew that, didn’t you?). I’m only human just like you guys:-)

Compliments Must Die!

I’m a pro a brushing off compliments. I can  roll my eyes dramatically at nice sayings just like the rest of them.  When people say nice things, my initial thought is sometimes, “That’s stupid.”

For no apparent reason, my brain writes off nice things I hear, say, or try to implant into myself as, “That’s total BS.” So each new day  I have to reset my focus on bringing in the good inner dialogue and dumping out or canceling the bad.

Why do I have the urge be so harsh? No clue, it just happens and that’s not important.

What is important is digging up the motivation to continue moving uphill to the positive, glass-half-full, “Find nicer things to say about yourself, already!” mindset.

Found A Loophole.

So I found a fabulous way of holding down that motivation and it came from the aforementioned Ah-ha experience. This practice will help you truly feel why increasing the positive and decreasing the negative in your speech is of the utmost importance.

It definitely takes practice to become sensitive enough to make it work for your benefit but it’s so worth it.

Try This!

What happens when you feel into the words you say?  Like truly take them in, and feel them.

Ever tried it? Works like a charm.

When you get into the practice of feeling the energy behind the words you speak and think, you may notice a subtle shift in your body or maybe your mood.

It hit me like never before when I read that pretty little chalkboard on Monday, “You Are Impossibly Lovely” left me feeling nice. The energy behind the words, I noticed, felt good, like really good!  Even though my mind launched into battle mode and immediately tried to discount the words it didn’t matter because the good feeling I felt canceled out the power of my mind.

If you really feel the effects your language has on your energy you will automatically begin watching what you say and think because it will translate into feeling pleasure or pain.  We are quite used to ignoring the energy shifts because they are subtle.

Let’s change that!

How It’s Done.

Say the word “love” out loud.  Now tune in.

What do you feel? What picture pops into your mind when you say the word? What is the energy behind the word? Where does it land in your body? Make mental notes.

Now switch it up and say the word “hate”.  Tune in again.

Repeat the above questions and make your own observations. What do you feel? What picture pops into your mind when you say the word? What is the energy behind the word? Where does it land in your body?

Can you feel the difference in the energy behind the two words?  Can you notice how each word subtly shifts things within you? Maybe you feel the shift in your mood, your perspective or your mindset? Maybe you notice how each word conjures a distinct picture in your mind.

No need to judge the words as good or bad at this point because inside you will notice which word makes you feel nice (think: warm fuzzies!) and which word makes you feel less nice.

If you don’t get this initially, practice a few more times.  Trust me, once you get in the habit of feeling the energy behind your thoughts and words you will

A) be well on your way to becoming more sensitive and intuitive and

B) stop torturing yourself with language that brings your energy down.

Fabulous, right?!

Send me your experiences with this exercise,

– Terran Leigh 


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