Bitch and Whine, Tap and Yell

I am giving you complete permission to bitch, moan, whine and complain about anything and everything going wrong in your life.

Why would I do such a thing especially when I’m all about self-improvement and forming better habits? Because if it’s there, it’s there.  As in if your garden is full of weeds do ya just ignore them and hope they’ll go away? No, you pull the weeds then plant new seeds!

But Terran, isn’t it better to think positive thoughts and say only nice things? Not if you are coming from a place of unrest or negativity in the first place. Even though your mama taught you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all I’m here to say I found a loophole! If you tap while you voice your negativity, complaints, pains and problems then guess what? You get to release their power over you.

It’s like pulling the weeds.

So will you just let it out already?  It’s sitting there under the surface and you are desperately trying to keep a lid on it. It’s human nature to experience a ton  of different emotions on the daily why not let them go after you experience them?  You know as well as I do what holding onto things does to your psyche: lots of clutter.

Let’s clear your head space to give you less procrastination and more productivity.  How does less anxiety and more focus sound? What about fewer mental blocks and more creativity?


– Don’t you just love to call your best friend and vent about your day? Good, call them up and tap on your acupressure points while you vent to them on the phone!

– You’re thinking it anyway, why don’t you just get it out already! Voice it out loud as you tap to let it go.

Express your true feelings in confidence and experience relief from the endless cycle. Drop the filter of what you should say or how you should think and just be honest! Again, do this while you use the acupressure points and you’ll start releasing the hold of these emotions.

– Some of the side benefits to EFT are weight-loss, relaxation, more energy, less anxiety, better sleep and lowered cortisol levels!  And I quote: “The average cortisol reduction of those who experienced an EFT Tapping session was 24%, and even hit as high as 50% in some subjects.” Learn more.

Want a partner in crime to tap along with you? You can purchase sessions with me here.

...hmmm...what would you choose?

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Want a partner in crime to tap along with you? You can purchase sessions with me here.


– Terran Leigh


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