Life Without Advil

I haven’t taken an Advil or any pain relief medication, for that matter, in at least 4+ years now.

I used to carry a bottle in my bag at all times. Why shouldn’t I?  I was a normal 20-something who had your typical array of body aches and pains.


Random headaches made an unwelcome appearance every now and then. Monthly cramping that left me writhing in pain for at least 2 days a month (prescription Ibuprofen capsules gave me little to no relief) . I had jaw tension and my shoulders ached constantly. Even getting a massage couldn’t relieve my tense shoulders. Oh and the masseuse always made comments about the knots in my back muscles: “Oh you poor thing! You’re so tense!” or “Oh gosh you need to relax more, honey.” Gee thanks, lady. Can I go now?

Stay with me here I promise there is a happy ending to my story.

Continuing on with my laundry list of pains… I had knee pain after walking up and down flights of stairs or after jogging.  I had a toothache here and there. My hangovers were horrendous.  I can remember lying in bed for a whole day after having only 3-4 drinks the night before. Hangovers came with intense throbbing head pain, nausea and the inability to sleep it off.  Yeah so maybe I needed to work on my alcohol tolerance!

Whatever, so I am a lightweight:-)

When Did it Change?

Sad part is I couldn’t even remember when the pain started; it was that subtle.  I just remember getting super annoyed with feeling crummy all of the time and not knowing how to feel better. I was frustrated because all the stuff I knew to do: get a massage, drink more water, get more sleep, take pain killers and pray to the good Lord to forgive you ‘cuz, girl, this must mean he’s angry with you – well, they just weren’t working!

Okay, I was totally joking on the last bit but you totally knew that… didn’t you?

I could not remember what it was like to be pain-free. Not a clue. Pain  had settled in and made itself at home without my realizing it.  A most unwelcome house-guest.

Would you believe that all of these aches and pains were a result of stress? I sure didn’t.  And why should I? It’s not like I had a high-stress job.  I wasn’t a heart surgeon or a political leader, I wasn’t a corporate exec or a pilot.

I am Just an Old Lady!

It’s not stress, I reasoned, it’s definitely because I’m getting old.

What!? Getting old…at the ripe young age of 24? Oh goodness.  But that’s just it I had no other explanation for the way I was feeling.  I thought I was on the downhill coast.  Twenty-four going on, what, ninety years old? I’ll say it again: oh goodness.

So then came EFT.

…my most happy mistake….

…my most valuable obsession…


Okay now I’m just being silly…

Tapping was the key to being completely and totally pain-free. Did you catch that rhyme? Just nod yes.

I kid you not (sorry I just wanted to use that phrase) it is the one and only thing that I was doing differently when things started to change and drastically improve.

Eating salads did not do it for me. Talk therapy did not have the tiniest effect. Exercising more vigorously did not help. Thinking positive thoughts and saying affirmations did nothing. Trying the Raw Food Diet, nada. Hell, even singing “Hallelujah” backwards five times while standing on my head changed nothing. And I really thought this last one would be the key!

But now here we are in 2014, I’m older than I was back then (well, duh) and I don’t even know what a cramp feels like anymore!  I couldn’t conjure up knee pain if I wanted to! Hangover…I laugh in the face of hangovers! Okay I don’t want to push my luck but seriously, my “hangovers” now consist of feeling slightly dehydrated and headachy. No more nausea and being bedridden…no more wasted days! In fact, I was up at 8AM a few weekends ago getting ready for the 20 minute walk to Williamsburg for brunch! The real kicker? I was still tasting the Rosé from the night before and running off of 4 hours of sleep. How’s that for proof? Oh! Is that a pun or what?

No more tense shoulders; I only get massages to enjoy them not out of sheer desperation to feel better. The jaw pain is long gone as well and I no longer make funny faces in an effort to relax my jaw. Thank goodness because people were starting to look at me funny.

I think that just about covers it. I’m basically a walking miracle, huh?

I kid, I kid.

No but seriously this is mind-blowing to me because all I did was release stress and daily annoyances that I didn’t even want anyway.

How did I go from having a lot of pain in my early 20’s to having zero pain in my late 20’s? I basically dropped the baggage off and lightened my stress load which allowed my body to do what it’s supposed to do naturally: heal.

Come on, keep up:-)

Stop Showing off, Terran! What’s Your Point? 

Just remember feeling this good is not rocket science.  It’s really simple in fact.  The technique is called tapping (Google it!) and I’ll work with you one on one to show you exactly how well it works.  You’re first Skype session with me is FREE.

You’ll need 3 things:

  1. 1.5 hour block of time.
  2. Skype.
  3. An open mind and an adventurous attitude.

That’s it.

So there…bippity boppity BOO! Excuses be gone!  Email me right now.

Use the comment box below to give me the rundown on what you want to work on in your trial session:

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This is my face when you don't email me.

This is my face when you don’t email me for your FREE trial session.

After trying it out you don’t ever have to email me again if it wasn’t for you.

If you absolutely loved it, well this is where the fun begins because continued use of this technique will pretty much change your life.  Get ready!

Let’s Recap.

In order to lose my aches and pain (Advil is a thing of the past!), lessen my hangovers (no more Pepto!), make my cramps disappear (goodbye Midol and Ibuprofen!), destroy my stress (au revoir talk therapy!) and demolish my anxiety (who wants to meditate, anyway?), what did I do?

  1. Did I change my diet? Nope! Still eating all of the fun stuff (lots of chocolate chip cookies!) I used to.
  2. Did I start to meditate for 5 minutes everyday? Nah! Between you and me, I don’t even know how to meditate!  I’d have to Google a step by step list if I wanted to start.
  3. Did I stumble upon the Fountain of Youth then voila! No more pain? No silly goose, not that either!

What I did was learn a stupidly-simple way to release my daily stress. It’s called EFT which is just a goofy abbreviation for (get your air quote fingers ready) “magical tool that makes the things you don’t like go away really quickly”.

You heard it first here, folks.  Email me and let me blow your mind;-)


– Terran Leigh


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