That Initial Gut Feeling

It only took me 27 years to feel it. Only 27!   What am I talking about?  The initial gut feeling.

It’s the physical sensation that runs through your body when you check in with yourself to see if something is right for you or not.  Everyone experiences it differently.

Is That a Yes or a No?

For me, a ‘No’ answer registers as a sinking sensation in my stomach. It  feels heavy and like I’ve hit a wall.  Hah, pretty clear message there.

A ‘Yes” feels like a spark of excitement. When I feel a yes inside my imagination launches and immediately starts tossing grand (and highly ludicrous!) ideas and daydreams my way on all of the great possibilities that could happen if I go with the yes.  It’s like a summersault in my stomach. Get the picture?

27 Years!

It took damn long.  I think it was always there but my mind chatter always screamed louder and so I couldn’t perceive that inner feeling enough to use it.

So for many years I felt like I was stumbling around hitting walls and tripping over things (hypothetically speaking).  Life just felt off.  No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t seem to “get it right”.  I felt like I was never at the right place at the right time. The things I wanted most were impossible to get and ever elusive…that kind of thing.  Things were just hard.  Do you know the feeling?

What Changed?

Clearing the clutter in my mind is what changed it all.

It’s been quite a process; one that began back in 2009.  I’ve used tapping and EFT coaches to my advantage to cut into my patterns and such.  It’s paid off nicely I’d say! Now I feel like I’m on the right track; there is very little stumbling around these days.

So once again I owe all of the changes in my life to my undying persistence to be happy and to this crazy little technique called tapping. Seriously people what are you waiting for?  The only person who can change in your life is you.

Start now.


– Terran Leigh


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...from Central Park

…from Central Park

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