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I bought a 1 day pass to Governor’s Ball  this past Saturday and it felt so good to remember why I LOVE music festivals.  It’s my happy place.

I heard Catfish and the Bottlemen for the first time and liked their style a lot.  Sexy English accent? Sold.

I listened to  RJD2 whom I’ve loved since 2010. C’mon! Ghostwriter and Smoke and Mirrors!  He and his drummer and bassist were amazingly fun to watch.  They were genuinely enjoying themselves like 3 kids who were given pots and pans to bang on as hard as there little hearts desired.

Tanlines was a great duo! It was sad because their computer kept getting overheated in the scorching heat and it would distort the beat! Jesse Cohen laughed it off by saying, “This is the dub step remix.” Yeah, he’s adorable.

The. Strokes. Are. Amazing. In. Concert. The. End.

– Sincerely,

Mind Blown

Broken Bells was amaze-balls! They pulled quite a few great songs into their set list. It was a walk down memory lane for me.  I was immediately taken back to New Orleans years ago when I first heard The High Road blaring from an open door at a street side bar.

I (unfortunately!) didn’t get to enjoy much of Glitch Mob (sad face) because I misplaced my cell phone right about the time they were playing.  In fact, I was reaching into my purse to take a photo of these guys when I realized “Holy shit someone stole my phone!”.  As it turns out no one ‘stole’ anything (way to be overly dramatic, Terran!). It was me who dropped it or left it sitting in the grass.  But luckily Lost and Found had it.  Thank you to the kind soul who found my phone and decided to return it instead of keeping it.  Good karma, I think?

Fitz and the Tantrums was a fun group but I lost interest really quickly.  They were too…how do I say…plug and play?  It’s like they were more of a pre-packaged act rather than having a specific, unique feel or personality.  Not really sure what I am attempting to say so I’ll just say this: they didn’t tickle my fancy so I wandered off.

Skrillex…well what can I say? It was so great to dance to his dub step mix for an hour straight.  No complaints except…lay off the alien theme, dude.

Enjoy these Instagrams:)

There are so many goodies included in that one festival experience. I love the excitement and anticipation of seeing the bands I’ve listened to obsessively on Spotify for years. I love meeting and talking to festies in the crowd.  I adore the feel of the sound vibrating under my feet… or the way the wind from the speakers blows my hair back (if I can wiggle my way close enough to the front). Huge smile!

There are future benefits too! I love the way I just know that at some point in the future, when I’m having a bad day I’ll pull a memory from this day to make myself feel better.  I’ll remember the way I felt when that certain song from that certain band brought tears to my eyes or made me dance and smile.

But to be totally honest my absolute favorite  part is the pain: it’s the lovely soreness that settles into my muscles the day after I’ve danced myself silly at a music festival.  It reminds me of how much fun I had.  Hell, it even reminds me of how many calories I’ve burned! It feels like victory; like I’ve conquered something. It’s a delicious feeling.

I grew up going to smaller festivals in Louisiana.  They were Cajun / Creole music festivals or food festivals and they were a great place to start.  Toss a little Louisiana heritage in there, some good food and people get really happy.  I don’t remember feeling connected to the music back then.  Now I am connected.

Governor’s Ball is over and I now wait for the next perfect music festival to step up to the plate.


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Governor's Ball @ Randall's Island

Governor’s Ball @ Randall’s Island

The Lineup

The Lineup

Free B&J's? Yes, please.

Free B&J’s? Yes, please.


RJD2 wiping the sweat from his talented face:)

This stuff was not half bad...

This stuff was not half bad…

Me and my gorgeous self;)

Me and my gorgeous self;)

Governor's Ball @ Randall's Island

Governor’s Ball @ Randall’s Island

Governor's Ball @ Randall's Island

Governor’s Ball @ Randall’s Island

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