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Since before I moved here I knew the one thing I had to focus on was finding the perfect yoga spot.  For some reason, this is always the first step I take when moving to a new city.

Yoga is a source of stability for me I suppose; a way to plant roots and feel more centered in unfamiliar surroundings. I researched all types of yoga studios online right before I left Houston and this is the one that stuck.  I reached out to Maria (front desk extraordinaire at Modo) and her response to my email made me feel so welcome I felt I could stop my search right there.  And so I did:)

I’ll never forget the feeling of stress that ensued getting to the studio to attend my very first class: so many people to dodge, so many street vendors cat-calling and kiddos or dogs (no matter how cute they may be!) constantly walking in front of you cutting you off. Sheesh! “Why do I feel so anxious?”, I thought.  I was so brand new to New York and still didn’t GET that all these small things really add up to a huge amount of stress in your body.

I finally located the correct address from the writing on the glass door: Modo Yoga NYC 2nd Floor and Joffrey School of Ballet  3rd Floor.  I smiled at the latter because it reminded me of someone I miss dearly. Then I yanked the door open to walk up the staircase to Modo; it was quiet, peaceful and so deliciously warm (remember: I arrived at the tail end of a harsh winter).  The front desk was run by Jennie that day and she was a ball of energy.  I was sold on the studio immediately just on that “this feels right” feeling alone.

I signed up for my first month and enjoyed my every class.  I appreciated that it made me get out of my safe Brooklyn-bubble and travel to Manhattan for a change of pace.  I appreciated that every time I went to practice yoga someone was giving or receiving a hug behind the front desk.  I know it may sound cheesy but if you love the people you work with everyday enough to share hugs, I totally respect that!  I’m used to a buttoned-up corporate feel (which definitely has its place of importance in this world) and this was a refreshing change from my norm.

After finishing my first month which was super affordable I had to make a choice. See, the price jumped up to more than I was comfy with (at the time I wasn’t earning enough to justify this added expense).  So I opted to join the EE program.  EE stands for Energy Exchange and it’s a pretty cool offering of Modo Studio.  As an EE I exchange a short work shift (helping to maintain the studio upkeep) for free unlimited yoga.  “I’ll give it a try… save some money and see what I want to do from there.” I decided.

Great decision because EE has morphed into EE Nights.  Every Wednesday I hop the G to the L and make my way over to Modo to practice at 7:15 and shower just in time to meet my EE crew. Madeline and Nate are my EE shift counterparts.  Madeline is just the sweetest, liveliest thing.  She’s so fun to work with and she doesn’t have anything negative to say about people.  Nate is super chill and also a breeze to work with. He braves it with us gals every week. We laugh and joke while we mop floors and do laundry until the late night makes us delirious. Goofy phrases and stupid comments tumble out of our mouths as we wait for the last class to finish so we can put the finishing touches on the studio and call it a night. We all hit a point where we are just exhausted…but happy to be a part of it all.

I like seeing the “back office version” of  my  studio.  It makes me a appreciate what it takes to run something so smoothly.  I don’t know how Maria and the rest of the staff keep Modo purring like a well oiled machine but they totally do.  I’m glad to be a piece of the puzzle.

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Lol Just discovered PhotoBooth app on Mac.  Sweet effects!

Lol Just discovered PhotoBooth app on Mac. Sweet effects!

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