To Do List for My Life

So it’s getting toasty in this here fine city. Yes, the heat is settling in. Or as I’d rather put it: shit’s getting real.

On my list of To Dos is find a new place to live. Does that mean I bite the bullet and pay an arm and a leg for a place of my own? Yes to privacy and along with it, near poverty? Or do I stalk Craig’s List and Listings Project for a shared space? Yes to splitting bills and possibly living with annoying or weird roommates. Or do I want to go the live-work route? I don’t even know how to classify this one as it’s a totally new concept to me. Argh! Too many decisions for this girl.

So let me fill you in on what’s changed lately: I have kicked, er, I mean kissed Starbucks good riddance, er, goodbye. (Hehe! See what I did there?) I feel utterly relieved to be honest. I was exhausted and stressed at the big SB.

I now have a full time job that allows me to work with people who are on the self-growth path (fabulous!) using EFT (perfect!). I make my own schedule (freedom!) and work where I want (as long as there is wifi, of course). I’m excited for sure. I’m just learning and getting my feet wet so there are some screw ups to be had and some funny stuff to learn about the industry: online education through webinars geared toward personal and business self-growth.

We have a team of 6-7 and each of us are in a different state or country. We are totally digital right now but may have a more physical presence in about a year. Maybe:)

I’m intrigued to see where this job will take me or where I will take it. To the moon and back?? To all you Savage Garden fans out there, you’re welcome.

Since I’ve gotten here to NYC I’ve had 5 brand new jobs to learn and I’m so excited to finally be able to settle into one. Especially one that uses a technique I’m passionate about (EFT) to accomplish a cause I’m passionate about (helping people change their lives and solve their problems).

So I’m going to wave goodbye to you until next time. If you happen to have a pal looking for a new roomie in Greenpoint, let me know because I’m in the market:)

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