Tapping Script: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I want to give you something to tap along with. You know that “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back” feeling you sometimes get in life?  Annoying, huh?

You know that pesky “two steps forward, one step back” feeling you sometimes get in life?  Annoying, huh?

Here is a tapping script for when you just want to fix it already, solve it already,  be done with it already! 

Unfortunately,moving forward without stepping backwards isn’t how progress happens.  This isn’t how humans move forward.  It takes baby steps and multiple tries of doing, falling, getting up and doing it all over again to reach success.

So here is a script to ease the process:

Even though I want it now and it’s simply not happening quickly enough, I’m open to being okay with this process.

Even though I’m judging myself harshly about how fast this is supposed to happen in my life I completely accept my judgement and frustration.

Even though I can’t stand feeling so stuck and I want to see permanent solid results now, I’m open to being gentle and allowing perfect timing.

EB: I’m frustrated with this process

SE: Why can’t it be easier?

UE: Why can’t I just be there already?

CB: There is always a reason

EB: Divine timing is perfect

SE: I choose to be at peace and let this frustration go

UE: I’m open to allowing myself to relax around this

CB: I choose peace, complete and total peace

EB: I choose relief, patience and presence with my feelings instead

SE: I choose to remember that life can be effortless

UE: I just have to flow with life’s processes

CB: I can get myself out of the way

EB: I can relax

SE: I can bring in ease

UE: I can let go a little and see what happens

CB: I’ve got this

EB: I choose to feel calm

SE: I choose to exude peace and presence

UE: I choose to send out calm energy

CB: I’m choosing to be okay with the process

EB: I’m choosing to be okay with the timing of it all

SE: It’s out of my hands and I release my hold

UE: Releasing and relaxing

CB: Relaxing and delighting.

Sheesh.  I needed that:) I feel better already! This may be more of a script for me than for you but hopefully it speaks to something in your lives.



Terran Leigh


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