Spring Energy Event 2014 (aka SEE) in Callicoon, NY

Panel of Speakers at SEE 2014

Panel of Speakers at SEE 2014  (CLICK HERE to be redirected to SEE’s website)

I’ve Googled and included links to each speaker’s website mentioned in this post for you to contact them directly should you want more info or to schedule sessions with them! If I left anyone out, please forgive me as I’m writing from memory. Enjoy!

I was one of the lucky hundred to attend the 2nd Spring Energy Event (aka SEE) which took place in Callicoon, NY.  Callicoon is nestled in the foothills of the Catskill mountains and let me tell you, it was a lovely area. I was in good company as I hopped into the car with Gene Monterastelli and Jade Barbee: two fabulously talented EFT practitioners. It was a short, sweet trip out to the Villa Roma resort as we chatted about all things EFT-related on the car ride over.

SEE was created by Jondi Whitis in 2013.  She works hard all year-long along with her team of volunteers to make sure every detail is taken care of and the attendees are able to relax and enjoy the line-up of speakers, a few of which travel from ‘across the pond’.

SEE over delivered on value and knowledge. I loved how this event was not sales-y at all. It was like a mini vacay where I got to experience a lot of tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique tapping, that is!) and self-growth. I learned so many new processes and tricks to take home with me and share in my sessions.  The event was chock-full of information, how-tos, and expert advice!  Mind-blown.

The price to attend (not including travel expenses) was only around $450 for me.  That’s an amazing bargain considering there were upwards of 10 speakers who presented. And I’m talking major practitioners in this industry! Just to tick off a few names: Gary Craig, Lori Leyden, Dr. Henry Grayson,  Jondi Whitis and Gwyneth Moss. You can find the full list of speakers here.

Here are a few of the fun topics covered by the speaker presentations at SEE 2014:

Proxy Tapping with Gwyneth

How many of you guys have a cute furry or feathered friend to come home to each day? Probably quite a few of you!  How many times have your pets exhibited troublesome or odd behaviors that make you scratch your head in confusion?  Maybe some of you can relate. Gwyneth Moss shared her process of surrogate tapping for animals that can help to change their behavior.  I know you’re thinking that’s impossible!  How can you tap on yourself, on behalf of your pet and see noticeable improvement in their behavior?! My answer is who gives a care how it works…the fact is that it works!  Amazing, huh?

Google Brain Searching with Dr. Grayson

Dr. Henry Grayson shared a modern twist on EFT tapping with a sort of “Google Search” for your brain!  I was so excited to put it to use that I tested it out on my tapping buddy that evening  during our Skype call and it worked beautifully.  It provided a quick way to access some deep material to tap on during the session.  I guarantee you I will be incorporating this technique into my future EFT sessions.

Skyping with Gary

I totally enjoyed the live Skype session with Gary Craig. After discovering EFT in 2009 I had a LOT of TV time (via Craig’s training DVDs) with Gary and so seeing and speaking to him over Skype was a huge deal for me.  I felt a bit nervous and star-struck when stepping up to the mic to ask him a question of my own but I survived!

Saying Aloha to Lori

In another Skype session we touched base with Lori Leyden who was presenting on EFT in Hawaii.  Lori, as per the usual, was lighthearted, funny and encouraging about all of the opportunities to get EFT out into the medical community. She talked about the tapping efforts in Newtown, CT and how it touched the individual lives of the practitioners who participated in helping the community to cope after the tragedy. Of course this was a tear jerker!

Art of Presence with Ted 

Wow.  Ted Robinson‘s presentation was all about the art of being present.  We embarked on a short journey to practice what it’s like to enter into pure presence: we stared deep into the eyes of one of our class mates. Ah!  This was surprisingly hard.  You know that natural tendency to avert your gaze when staring into the eyes of a stranger (otherwise known as the windows to the soul)? Well we had to push through that uncomfortable feeling and stare into the eyes of the person we partnered up with; we said nothing.  It was a beautiful, moving experience.  It’s amazing how much you can connect on a soul level by practicing presence with another human being.  I highly recommend it because it will rock your world!

All in All…

I cannot stress enough how much I thoroughly enjoyed attending Spring Energy Event. I would encourage anyone who is either new to EFT or well established as a practitioner to check it out next year. You will learn a ton of new material, network with some great fellow practitioners, meet some of the top experts in the field and get some great tapping in.  There was a lot of self-work opportunities interwoven into each presentation or if you read between the lines: free mini tapping sessions. I’m a fan!

If you have any questions I can answer about the even, feel free to email me.

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Villa Roma lobby.  This place reminded me of Kellerman's (from Dirty Dancing). Bring on the 1980's!

Villa Roma lobby. This place reminded me of Kellerman’s (from Dirty Dancing). Bring on the 1980’s!

Gene's Presentation was very informative (apologies for the blurry photo!)

Gene’s Presentation was very informative (apologies for the blurry photo!)

More of Villa Roma.  It was a cozy space:)

More of Villa Roma. It was a cozy space:)


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