Part 1 of 2 – There is No Way This Is Going to Work: “The Skinny” on Brittany Watkin’s Think and Thin Program

I eagerly read through the program modules each week after signing up for Think and Thin: The Most Powerful Tools in Modern Psychology to End Emotional Eating (aka T&T)  taught by Brittany Watkins. I had the motivation to throw myself into this program 110%. What did I have to lose? Well hopefully a few pant sizes. Let me rewind a bit and start my story from the beginning…

As an EFT Practitioner I’ve used tapping to rid myself of countless problems in my life. To name only a few:
– Intense blushing and shyness
– Persistent facial acne
– Low energy
– Painful lower back
– Knee pain while exercising or walking up steps
– Constant muscle tension in my shoulders
– Tension in my jaw
– Feelings of depression
– Consistent anxiety
– Fear of leaving my home
– Lack of self-confidence
– Crippling fear inhibiting me to make major life changes to ensure my happiness
– Inability to get in touch with my emotions and instead “stuffing them”

I have improved on each of those problems and can vouch for the obvious efficacy of tapping. Some are completely gone while others are a work in progress.

Using EFT When It Comes to Weight Loss

I have read enough EFT material to realize that if you want to lose the extra inches for real you have to go for the deeper reason behind the weight. It’s not about the food. It’s not about the lack of exercise. It’s not about the calories. Those things fall away or get handled when you focus on releasing the need to have the extra weight on your body in the first place. However, no matter how much I knew these truths I was unable to achieve much success using EFT in the area of weight loss. I was on a desperate quest to rid myself of this constant feeling like I was carrying around an extra layer on my body. No matter how bad I wanted to be rid of it and how much tapping I did, it simply would not budge.

You’re probably shaking your head at this blog post already. You must be going “What does she know about diets and losing weight?” Well, to be honest not very much at all. I do however know a lot about emotional eating: the uncontrollable cravings…the bingeing…the enormous guilt around food…the feelings of disgust…the fight that just never ends…feeling uncomfortable in your skin and the clothes you wear…you know, the whole 9 yards.

Wait…What Weight Problem?

So I’ve always been thin; really tall and really thin. It’s just my body type. I have my beautiful grandmother on my dad’s side to thank for it. Being overweight was never a problem growing up. In fact, I had the opposite problem. In high school, while all my girlfriends were bonding over their latest diet attempt and how many calories they had not eaten on any given day I was feeling pretty left out. I did not get what all the fuss was about but they seemed to be a part of a club I didn’t belong.

I actually had trouble gaining weight in high school. I’d buy 2 candy bars for an after lunch snack in an attempt to intake extra calories. I remember trying to make myself eat more meat because a girlfriend suggested protein may help me gain weight. Yet still I was stick thin and I felt super self-conscious about it. I actually wanted to have the problems my girlfriends had; I wanted curves! Silly, I know but the grass is always greener…

Fast forward to college and post-college, I began to notice a very disconcerting change in my behavior. I began to notice I would eat until the point of discomfort and I was flat out powerless to say no to food. As the years passed, it only became worse. I remember times when I was working on a project and suddenly I’d have an overwhelming craving to have a specific food (it was NEVER healthy food either!) and I could not stop myself from having it…all of it…then I wanted more. Sheesh.

I gained enough weight on my thin frame to feel really uncomfortable in my clothes. I went up 3 sizes and that was a huge slap in the face for me. Remember? I once had an epic metabolism to where I had to eat candy bars to try and gain weight. Now, here I was in the Express dressing room at the mall staring back at my expression in the mirror: total disgust for myself. I was disgusted with my inability to have self-control around food and confused as to why food had such a powerful hold over me.

The Evil Little Food Monster Inside

In the more recent years, I noticed my inability to allow myself to get to the point of true hunger; as in I had to eat 3-4 times a day regardless of if I was actually hungry or not. Then I wanted dessert, of course. I counted the hours until my next meal; hunger not required! I was seriously worried about myself. Ser-i-ously wor-ried.

I also developed an irrational fear of gaining too much weight. I felt like I was out of control and it scared the daylights out of me. This wasn’t me at all. Pardon my drama, but it felt like I was trapped inside my body with little to no control over its operation around food. Enter stage left: The Evil Little Food Monster.

The most confusing thing for me was that I once again tried EFT on myself and it did not seem to work as well as it had with every other area I used it before. Tapping had rocked my world with other issues but it couldn’t touch my eating habits at all. What gives? I read articles on other people losing weight and ending emotional eating so I knew it could work…in theory. Yet I saw no results in my own case.

So What About Think and Thin?

It took a long time of going back and forth with myself before finally deciding to sign up. I felt so much resistance to investing just because I was skeptical. I was afraid I’d be disappointed. Would it work? Was I wasting my money? Was I wasting my precious time and energy? Or maybe it was just plain fear. Fear to face the emotions I knew I was going to face. Fear to lose the instantaneous comfort I found inside of food. Fear to lose that easy fix of bingeing when I had a bad day or something. Fear to take a good hard look at what was really going on inside. Fear to face that Evil Little Food Monster (he has really sharp teeth!).

I finally said, “Screw it I am so worth it”. I am totally pleased with that decision as it has paid off nicely. Here is the lowdown of my before and after. Feel free to email me (you’ll find the address at the bottom of this post) if you are on the fence about joining this program or if you have specific questions that I didn’t address in this post. You know as well as I do that I can’t share ALL the personal details on the WWW (*wink wink*).

Before Think and Thin

– I felt like even looking at food was the equivalent of consuming 1500 calories on the spot.
– I had picked up a really bad habit of calorie counting.
– Every bite of food was an instant guilt trip.
– My portions were big and my hunger felt insatiable (because it was emotional hunger I was feeding, duh!). You know how they say you should eat no more than your own fist-sized portion of food? Yeah, I would scoff at that one back in the day (before Think and Thin that is).
– The pull of food was everywhere to me and it felt like a Godzilla-sized problem to my Tom Thumb sized self-control.
– The constant dance of hunger then guilt; calorie counting then bargaining with myself, “If I eat this then, I can have this.” All the while my desire for food was creeping up screaming “Eat something! It will make you feel better.” Yeah this was my reality. I may have looked calm and collected on the outside but trust me, I wasn’t.
– I was helpless to actually enjoy what I was eating. This meant that after battling myself for half an hour about how pizza would be the absolute, hands-down, worst lunch choice ever in the history of mankind for me…I would be so distracted by my inner critic I wouldn’t even take the time to enjoy the dang slice of pizza. Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail!

After Think and Thin

My "After Think and Thin" photo.

My after photo.

– I’m baaaaack! As in, I once again feel fabulous about my body. I feel like it’s me in here and it’s not an imposter controlling me. It truly feels good to be me again.
– I feel good in my own skin.
– I’ve effortlessly cut portions without really meaning to.
– I’ve noticed a change in the food I eat; it is lighter. More fruits and soups have found their way into my daily routine.
– I take smaller bites and really savor the experience.
– I seldom wolf my food down as before and I tend to chew my food more thoroughly. If I do notice myself shoveling food, I know there’s something on my mind that I need to address. It’s a simple fix now with the Push the Food Away technique (Hint: This is only one of the many useful techniques you’ll learn in Think and Thin).
– A few weeks into the program I began to take the time to tap for 30 minutes every night before eating dinner because that’s when I noticed my anxiety would spike the most. Let me make something really clear: postponing my dinner for 30 or even 5 minutes prior to Think and Thin would have been unheard of. After a long day at work, I wanted my comfort food and I wanted it NOW. (Food Monster rears its ugly head!)
– Oh yeah and the icing on the cake? I dropped 2 pants sizes and I no longer feel that extra layer of protection (or whatever it was!) on my body anymore. It has been such a relief!

I also want to note that about 2 weeks into Think and Thin my life caved in on itself a little. This wasn’t due to the program; it was a completely unrelated issue. I was amazed that even in the throes of this turmoil I still saw amazing results. I was clearly able to see that my relationship with food was changing drastically despite the high stress I was experiencing in my life. To me this was the ultimate proof I needed to know I had made the right decision by joining Think and Thin. I was essentially investing in myself and it was clearly paying off.

Is That Your Final Answer?

So does Think and Thin really work? Is it even worth your investment of time and money?

Y-E-S it works. Y-E-S it’s worth it.

The hardest part may be deciding if you feel you are worth it.  I’m here to encourage you to look inside and find the courage to say, “Y-E-S, I am worth it.”

The Proof is in the Cookies

Get this, one night as I was driving home from an exhausting day at work and this exact conversation went down in my head:

Me (in my head): I would really like some chocolate chip cookies to bake tonight.

My Imaginary Friend (also in my head): Well, maybe I’ll grab some later I don’t feel like stopping at HEB tonight.

Then I remembered I was out of fruit so I had to stop at the grocery store anyway. What did I purchase? Only oranges. No cookies! What?! Amazing.

I’m writing this to encourage anyone looking for something different – something that focuses on the real cause behind weight gain instead of just the outer symptoms – to take that small leap of faith. You need to give this program a shot. Even if you’ve tried everything, I’d tell ya to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and try this one last thing! It’s what I had to do for myself.

Think and Thin is a gentle, safe and effective way to lose weight. It turns out to be downright good for your self-esteem ladies (and gents) too because you will come out of the program with an increased feelings of love / respect for your body, healthier habits to practice and a sense of support from your fellow T&T-ers who are experiencing much of the same icky stuff as you. They provide a much needed support system while Brittany coaches you through the process and gives you countless Q&A calls to answer your burning questions. Plus Katie sends you notes of encouragement to the group Facebook page all the way through!

In the wide world of diets and weight loss there is an overwhelming amount of (sometimes harmful) information and I’m just glad programs like this exist. If I can save just one person the heartache of trying and failing at another diet then my job here is done.

The Perks of Think and Thin

After joining Think and Thin you’ll be guided week by week through lesson plans and live / recorded audios to tap along with. Brittany provides you with a fab morning meditation to get you on the right track each morning. You’ll be given easy action steps and will have access to tapping scripts on a wide variety of subjects and food cravings. Plus if you have any questions while going through the program (who doesn’t?) there are live Q&A calls provided. Oh and bonus: you’ll have access to a private Facebook group which includes only the group who signed up for that round of classes. The Facebook group allows you to share your experiences, ask questions, find support and show support for all your fellow T&T-ers! It’s a highly interactive experience.

I was not paid by anyone to write this post. I am simply so pleased by my own results that I wanted to write about my experience with the hopes that other women (and gentlemen too) would try it out and in turn take steps to love themselves and their bodies more. This program was a great step in that direction for me.

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