Woman in Command Interview with Judy Lacroix

On March 25 I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Judy Lacroix of Woman in Command.  I met Judy in Boston and we decided to collaborate in the form of an interview to get the word out to women who are looking for ways to change their lives through EFT.

Check out the interview by clicking the link below.  There is a helpful tip on a daily practice you can incorporate into your life to start seeing results and changes.  Also, I’ve dropped a fun little challenge (Hint: Scavenger Hunt) into the interview for you to win a free 1-hour EFT Tapping session with me! View the video then enter to win the free session.

Happy Hunting.

See the interview here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0v2xlLxXLHQ

About Judy Lacroix Meet Judy Marie

The Woman in Command awakened in me in 1992 when I began a devotion to studying the knowledge of Divine Love. This study led me to the discovery of and power behind the energy of creation (sexual energy) that lives in the body and how this life force energy could be transmuted with intention for higher purposes. I believe the amazing love, power and wisdom of the energy of creation that lives in the body is an inherent privilege that mankind has forgotten or replaced. Once I learned how to connect to and use this energy with intention, I went from a woman who was not willing to be in relationship to a Woman In Command of Love.


-Terran Leigh

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