Who DOESN’T love them some Friday? (silence / crickets) I know for me I look forward to Friday the second Monday hits and it continues all through the week. My mind stays fixated on the pleasurable feeling Friday brings. I get the warm fuzzies when I think I about the fact that I get to be free and play for two days!

We’ll how about this: I don’t want to feel this way only on Fridays! I want to be this happy everyday! I want to feel this pleasure throughout each workday no matter what I am doing! And why can’t I? Oh, let me count the ways: I don’t like my 9-5 schedule… I’m tired… I don’t have enough money…I don’t have enough time… I want some excitement…I need a drink…I’m bored…Yada yada yada.

So I started thinking how can start to change this? Yeah you know it coming next don’t ya? Tap on it!

So here we go:

EB: Friday rocks!

SE: Monday blows!

UE: I want the freedom of Friday everyday

CB: I want happiness oozing out of me every day of the week

EB: But this is simply not my reality

SE: At least it hasn’t been in the past

UE: I’d like to change this

CB: I want something better

EB: I choose something better now

SE: I choose for Mondays to feel light-n-airy

UE: Tuesdays to feel exciting and fun

CB: Wednesdays to be delightful and uplifting

EB: Thursdays to be amazingly mind-blowing

SE: Fridays to be OFF THE CHAIN!!!

UE: Why not?! It could happen!

CB: I choose to find small pieces of evidence each day

EB: I choose to notice the happy moments each day!

SE: I choose to pick up on my lucky moments each day!

UE: I choose to focus on the small things I’m grateful for

CB: This will change my perspective

EB: Slowly but surely

SE: It will change me for the better

UE: I am starting this today

CB: I’m ready for much more fun to come into my everyday life.

Take a deep breath, tune in. Doesn’t that feel better?


 -Terran Leigh

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Mmmmm mimosa!

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