Brooklyn, Here I Come!

When I say EFT changed my life I literally mean EFT CHANGED MY LIFE.  Why am I such a huge fan of this silly little technique? Why do I use it on myself 24/7? Simply because it has transformed me…rocked my world…blown the lid off of my limitations. However you want to say it, the process brings about massive change and your life just kind of blooms.There are times when I talk to my friends and I hear them saying they wish they could do this or do that but are afraid to.  I have to hold my tongue to not jump in and say “Why don’t you let me help you lose those pesky fears?” or “Just tap on those fears and be rid of them already.” I keep quiet because I know that when they are ready they will either ask for my help or find their own way to break out.  I may or may not be a part of that equation, but I’m here for them if needed or asked:)

As long as I can remember I’ve always been scared (who isn’t?) and wanted to stay safe (who doesn’t?). I felt blocked and downright stuck for the longest time. My life simply wouldn’t budge no matter how much I wanted it to.  I also couldn’t modify my own behavior no matter how hard I tried.  I felt stuck. How stuck? Think stick in a muddy Louisiana swamp (I’m from Louisiana!) stuck! I can remember a time when I hated my life because it went nowhere.  I can remember a time when I’d take 2 steps forward and 5 steps back because the prospect of change scared the bejesus out of me!  I could tick a list off all of the things I perceived in my life to make me unhappy but felt powerless to change any of it.

After integrating tapping into my daily routine the fear started to melt.  Tapping through one block (aka fear) at a time began to change my thoughts on taking action.  Action used to ignite the fear while complacency felt safe to me because it’s what I knew.  It’s what felt familiar. But after some tapping around these fears, I finally gained a new perspective and flipped the fear on it’s back! My shiny new thought was “If I don’t do what will ultimately make me TRULY happy I will have regrets.”  Suddenly the light bulb flashed in my head: fear of having regrets became bigger than the fear of taking action on behalf of my dreams.  Badass, right?

My dream of 2+ years has been to move to NYC.  But I’ve never been one of the “lucky ones” who gets a snazzy new job offer presenting an opportunity to relocate there.  Eventually I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to go I would have to take myself there!  That’s a scary thought. I quickly created a mental list on what this would require of me:

  • Quit my job. (Oh my God, no income!?)
  • Untether myself from my steady, stable, comfy life in Houston. (…but I’m a creature of habit!)
  • Sell my favorite car that has traveled cross country with me. (Oh dear, dear Pepper….the car you can parallel park on a dime.)
  • Go to a freezing cold city where the people aren’t familiar. (Think: Missing good ole Southern hospitality and warmth.)
  • Reveal to my Houston friends I’m peacing out. (I was afraid to let my friends down.)
  • Sell practically everything I own and start fresh. (Yeah it sounds all liberating and stuff but it’s mostly just inconvenient, uncomfortable and a bit scary to have to let it all go.)
  • Give my notice at work that I’m leaving. (I hate the idea of leaving “my” work responsibility on other people’s shoulders.)
  • Follow my dream for the sake of my own happiness.  (Yeah that was a fear too believe it or not as I’m not used to getting what I want!)
  • Leave H-town which feels kind of sad right now.  (I feel all sentimental about this place and all the good times I had here.)

After reviewing that list I stopped for a minute to let it sink in. “Holy. Shit.” I thought.  I realized I would have to grow a pair.

So naturally, I decided to go for it!  I had, after all, tapped on all the fears standing in my way so now there were no excuses to hold me back. I’m facing my fear of the unknown because I refuse to have regrets.

I feel free and so very excited to do this.  You can’t imagine how fulfilling it is to know I’m finally making this happen.  Friends have helped me along the way by providing encouraging words. My family has been a fabulous support and are standing behind me. What more can a girl ask for?  I’m ready!

Brooklyn, New York here I come.

Yours Truly,

– Terran Leigh

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Next time I'll have a picture from the Big Apple! Stay tuned...

Next time I hope to have pictures from the Big Apple! Stay tuned…

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