2 Peas in a Pod Video: Shhh It’s a Secret

I have secret! No it’s not one of those deep dark secrets. It’s actually a really exciting upcoming event in my life that I can’t wait to reveal to you next week. In the meantime you have to wait!

However as exciting as this event is it has brought up a lot of fear and anxiety in my life when I think of all the changes I have to make accomplish it. Here are just a few emotions I have been tapping on:

  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Anxiety around the changes that are coming my way.
  • Insecurity about getting out of my comfort zone in a huge way.

Now of course all of these emotions are all perfectly normal reactions to change. As I’ve tapped through each and every negative emotion that has surfaced I notice positive emotions swoop in to take its place! Where I once felt anxiety I now feel excitement. Where I once felt fear I now feel optimism. Pretty sweet deal, right?

Watch the video to take advantage of a mini-tap along I filmed to help you in releasing any anxiety or fear that you may have coming up in your life over major life changes!

2 Peas in a Pod Video: Shhh It’s a Secret

Catch ya later!

-Terran Leigh

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