Part 2 of 2 – There is No Way This Is Going to Work: “The Skinny” on Skinny Genes Fit 6-Week Program

After finishing Think and Thin (aka T&T) I was pumped about the results I clearly saw reflected on my body.  I felt fabulous in my clothes and my eating habits had improved greatly. I found myself talking about it and telling friends how excited I was about the program.

When I saw that Dawson Church was hosting the Skinny Genes Fit 6-Week Program I immediately jumped at the chance to participate!  Why? Well that was a no-brainer for me: I wanted to go deeper and see even more results.  T&T had felt supportive in that I was not going at it alone.  Instead I was being supported through a process that  felt like a life over-haul (at least emotionally speaking!).  Now I wanted to do another round and see what I could clear and release this time around.  And so it began! Again…

Emotional Overhaul

I remember the day Skinny Genes started. After the first coaching call I was hit with a huge amount of anxiety. I felt a rush of emotions bubble up inside of me and hadn’t a clue where they were coming from.  I felt fear mostly.  Fear that the program wouldn’t work. Fear that I was wasting my money.  Fear that I wouldn’t stick to the program and would quit 2 weeks into it. Fear that I was in over my head. Fear that maybe I didn’t really want to heal; maybe I wanted to keep my problems and that feeling of comfort food provided me. So I did what I always do in these moments of emotional overwhelm: I tapped.  Yeah, I tapped all right… all the way to the Taco Bell drive thru!  That’s right I used food, once again, to cope with my overwhelm. “Fail!” I thought, “I’m so disappointed in myself.”  But then after I finished tapping through it all I reached the bottom of the barrel and a new thought occurred to me. I felt forgiveness for myself and my “bad” behavior. Instead of being angry at my weakness in that moment I realized how much progress I had made and how brave I was for deciding to enter the ring again for Round 2.  This was definitely a new development.

In spite of my opening Taco Hell , er I mean Taco Bell experience I pushed on.  I didn’t feel completely encouraged in that moment of weakness but I suddenly had a profound insight: it’s as if the Skinny Genes had already started working. Is that not the point of using EFT for emotional eating?  I’ll answer the question for you, it is the point!  Find the overwhelming emotions triggering your behavior then tap them down.  Having this realization put me at ease as I now had a road map of sorts to understand what was happening to me.

I will not sugar coat it.  Going through these programs will trigger you like crazy. All of your old baggage that makes ya feel crummy will most likely surface but that’s the whole point! That’s where the healing occurs and where the results bloom.  This is where your life changes.  It’s a beautiful process and you get to see both the before and after version of yourself in time span of a few weeks.

The way I look at it is you will get triggered anyway.  Life happens and your baggage will bubble up in the course of everyday life anyway.  So why not release it and say “Goodbye” to those pesky behaviors that make you unhappy once and for all? These tapping programs can help you to  accomplish this.

Structured Homework

Skinny Genes is structured into six easily digestible (always about the puns!) lesson plans  that are delivered to your inbox each week.  You will work through many subjects like body image, self sabotage and even hating / avoiding exercise!  You get to work with a tapping buddy within the program to work with and exchange sessions with throughout the course or you can opt out of that part and just do it on your own.

Live coaching calls are hosted each month to help answer some of your burning questions and help participants to tap through the issues that are keeping them stuck.  So even if you’re not seeing results on your own, they can help you by tapping with you on the live call.  If you don’t want to speak up on the call chances are you will still receive benefits from tapping along with the other participants on the call.  You know, the whole Borrowing Benefits thing… oh did I mention EFT is amazing?!

You receive tap-along audio files and tapping scripts each week.  There is also a fabulous Bonus section at the end of each week that includes video interviews with well-known experts in the field, more tapping scripts and fun tidbits (email me if you want the scoop!).  I personally enjoyed the Bonus Section the most each week.

Time Commitment

I didn’t sit down and keep track of how much time I spent on this program but I’d guesstimate I spent around 5 hours a week. Understand that I went hard and tapped through every available tapping script a minimum of 3 times.  This may not be what you choose to do and therefore you will have a much smaller time commitment.  Hours dedicated will vary  by each participant.  You may opt to tap on all or none of the tapping scripts, you may opt to listen to all or some of the audio files.  It really depends on what’s right for you as well as your schedule.  I will say this, I work an 8-5 job and work out at least 3 times a week after work and I was easily able to go through the material after work each night over the course of that week.  It was seldom that I had to use my weekend time to work through a lesson plan.

Because everything is recorded you are able to run your own schedule.  I encourage you to try to make the live calls whenever possible as it’s much more fun than a recording!

Results After the Program

Once again, EFT did not fail to deliver.  I felt even better, sexier and more confident about my body than before I started the program.  I became excited to shop for and buy new clothes that I actually felt good in.  I was sad to end the program because the forward momentum had felt great!  I maintained my weight loss from Think-and-Thin and hope to see even more in the coming months.  I say this because there was study done on how participants in a similar program actually continued to lose weight even after the program ended. You will learn about this in the Bonus Section of Week 5 if you sign up for Skinny Genes!

I now get a lot of compliments on how good I look which is really just a reflection of how good I feel.  These compliments were a rarity before Think and Thin and Skinny Genes simply because I wasn’t confident about the way I looked.  I didn’t feel good about my body like I do now. My diet is now cleaner than it’s ever been.  I find myself going after lighter food choices.  My newest craving happens to be oranges lately, which is great for the cold season!  It feels good to eat lighter.

So there you have it! Hope this has been helpful to all of my readers. If anyone out there is toying with the idea of using an EFT program for weight loss, self sabotage and emotional eating I’d tell you to go for it, it’ll change you in amazing ways!

Signing off,

– Terran Leigh

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