How Bad Does It Hurt?

Today I want to talk about the SUDs Rating Scale (aka Subjective Units of Distress) used in EFT tapping.  For those of you who just had a question mark pop into your head with I said SUD scale let me explain.   Subjective Units of Distress scale is simply a 0-10 number scale used to measure how much distress you are experiencing with your particular issue.  We (snazzy little EFT Practitioners) use this tool to gauge if we are making any progress and giving you any relief.  You start out with an initial number rating then as we tap that number will increase, decrease or stay the same.  This provides a feedback loop on how to proceed.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Some clients have a difficult time choosing a number.  They might get hung up on the small details of choosing a number and I’m here to say, “It ain’t that hard! Really.”

I’ve had questions from clients on how to determine the right number.

– What do I do when I do not know my number?

– Is it okay to go higher than a 10 if I am REALLY triggered?

I chuckle at these questions because in my experience there is no wrong way to measure your distress. There is no number too high or too low. We say 0-10 because it tends to be easier to keep track of 11 numbers instead of, say, 100 numbers! Some ways of measurement are just easier for certain people than other ways.  Everybody has a unique style of tuning in so all we have to do is figure out what method of measure works well for them.

What do I do when I do not know my number?

When you are asked your level of stress it’s one of those times when the very first number that bounces into your head is the correct choice.  This is not something you have to sit down and analyze or weigh out the pros and the cons and make a chart for.  Nope, keep it super simple and just go with the first number that comes to you.

So what to do if numbers aren’t your thing and when you’re asked for a SUD level you are met with a blank mind? Okay, then we need to pull in a tiny bit of creativity.  Ask yourself a question like “What do I feel in my body? Do I feel pain? Do I have any physical sensations?” Another good question is “What am I witnessing in my mind’s eye?  Do I see a color or a shape, etc.?”

If you do feel body sensations use this as your “number”.  For example, let’s just say you have a cold feeling in your right shoulder when you tune into the issue you plan to tap on.  This cold feeling in your shoulder will then act as a benchmark with which you measure your progress.  After finishing a couple of tapping rounds go back to your shoulder and see if the sensation has changed at all. If it has changed, consider that the same as your SUD number moving around on the scale. Then tap a few more rounds and repeat the process.  As your body sensations change or move around it confirms that you are making progress.  It is essentially the same as a SUD number going from a 10 to a 6 to a 4 (just an example). In this case, you will tap until the sensations subside, or if it were a number this is the same as it dropping to a zero.

The same process is applied to the second question mentioned earlier “What am I witnessing in my mind’s eye?  Do I see a color, picture or a shape, etc.?”  If your mind communicates with you through colors, pictures or shapes then this is what you will use as your number. Let’s look at an example, pretend you sit down to tap on a pain in your left toe.  You would then ask yourself how bad is the pain?  Let’s say that your mind doesn’t like the number rating system and instead you get a mental snapshot of the color red (it can be any color at all, red isn’t special).  You will use this color to act as your initial starting measurement.  Note the specific hue and intensity of red because as you tap the color will also change and if you are able to pick up on the changes you then know that tapping is indeed working.  After finishing a couple of rounds of tapping go back and check to see how the color red has changed.  This is your system of measurement.  Pretty cool, eh?

Feel free to email me with any questions stemming from the use of colors, shapes, pictures or body sensations to measure your EFT tapping!

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