A Little Motivation and a Lot of Perspective

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post a link to this YouTube video. It’s all about Nick Vujicic and his inspirational attitude towards life! This made me laugh,  cry and feel grateful for my life. We are all so very blessed to be alive; this holiday season is the perfect time to slow down and take measuere of all the GOOD things in our lives. Whether it is something small like dropping extra pocket change into the shiny red Salvation Army bucket or as big as curing a disease you have been battling for a long time. We all have things we can be thankful for.

Take a moment to reflect on these so that you can feel happier.  This happy attitude will then spread to other people you come into contact with and they will spread it to others. Before you know it you’ve created a ripple affect that can span the globe. You never truly realize how what you say and do can affect the people and therefore, the world around you.  May as well make it a positive effect:)

Am I right or am I right?


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