Take Your Gratitude Journal and Shove It! (Haha…J.K.)

Here is a mini-blog on a cool trick I use in my life. The idea of keeping a gratitude journal always seems to crop up in the material I read since I’m obsessed with self-growth books and tends to be what I bury myself in.  I want to pass this idea along because I figure there has got to be other lazy, self-improvement seekers out there looking for a simple twist on the practice of keeping a gratitude journal.

I’m always looking for shortcuts in self-growth and ways to trick myself into incorporating healthier practices into my daily life.  But I am also a commitment-phobe.  This means if there is a lack of clear improvement in my life for the amount of time and commitment it takes for me to try some new technique to better myself, I lose interest within a week.   

“Keep a gratitude journal; it’ll change your life!” they write. “Start a daily journal about all the things that are good in your life and it’ll make you a happier person by far!” they claim. “If you want to increase the good things in your life then you must start writing them down in a notebook every day.” they insist.

After many failed attempts to stick to a daily practice of keeping a gratitude journal I gave up, tossed my hands into the air and smugly thought “I’ll just remain and unappreciative stick-in-the-mud for the rest of my life”. What was my response to these gratitude journal lovers?  “Ugh I don’t feel like committing to a dang journal.  What am I? Five years old and still keeping a diary!? Puke.”  (Talk about taking the mature route, huh?)

Here is my genius idea slash compromise:  Gratitude Post-Its!

It’s basically a bite-size version of the gratitude journal. What I do is position a small stack of stickies on my desk right next to my mouse so I can jot down 10-12 things that are going right in my life at that particular point in time. I gladly take the 3 meager minutes it takes to scribble down all I’m thankful for each morning before I start my day. I can do it while my computer boots up.  I then pull the sticky and toss it in the garbage. Voila, I am done!  Although I haven’t yet determined if the physical act of tossing my Gratitude Post-It into the garbage actually cancels my intention of being grateful. Hmmm that could be a problem…

After doing them for a week I realized, “Hey! This isn’t so bad.” After sticking (pun intended) with them for a month I thought, “Dude this is so easy it’s ridiculous.” And finally after rocking steady for couple of months realized I’m really blessed and have so much good in my life!

Wait. Does that mean the conscious act of practicing daily gratitude actually works?! Why yes, I believe it does. 

The only downside I can think of is that it took my so very long to come up with this idea. Try it. See what you think. Send me your experiences and process improvements!

…until next time dears!


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