Ask and You Shall Receive – Part 2 of 2

So cliché, right?! Sorry I couldn’t resist using it as my title. Why should you ask? Because asking truly works! Let me dive in…

When it comes to affirmations and removing the blocks that inevitably crop up ANYTIME you stretch your mind to reach for new possibilities EFT is my tool of choice to help my clients (I went into depth on this subject in my previous post). It’s my first choice simply because it works quickly to get you out of your typical mindset. Within a 1 hour session we can normally loosen a belief enough to where the client can believe the outcome they want is within reach. This is drastically different from where we start in that when they first called me they couldn’t even visualize a new outcome much less believe that it could happen.

This second technique, asking yourself questions, comes into play in between our sessions; I give out ‘homework’, if that’s what you want to call it. I don’t see it as work because in my book it’s fun to think about all the good things you want to experience in your life and the endless possibilities of how these things can come about! Don’t you think?

As you begin practicing what I’m about to explain in this blog post you will notice (although it may be very subtle at first) new things, new ideas, new experiences coming into your life. These new things/ideas/experiences will be along the lines of the questions you are asking which will be based on your affirmations. It’s something that will gather momentum over time. Like affirmations you will have to be dedicated and make this a daily practice, but unlike affirmations it won’t be so hard to keep up with because you aren’t fighting to convince yourself of something that doesn’t feel true.

When affirmations trip you up, ask a question instead.

Allow me to explain this a bit. Let’s say your affirmation is: “I effortlessly attract a new job that pays me a $500,000 salary.” Let’s also say you only earn $30,000 in your current job. Once you start repeating this affirmation 20 times a day you will begin to notice resistance; resistance to saying it, resistance to believing it right now and resistance in convincing yourself it could be true at some point in the future. And if you read any book on affirmations, the key behind using affirmations is actually believing in them to the point of feeling like they are real! If you are one of those people who can push through the resistance until you believe them then by all means push, through! But if you’re like me you’ll hit a wall and slowly but surely the resistance will take over and the affirmations with go out the window. Hey, who said I was perfect!

This is where posing questions to yourself will work beautifully. How do you get out of the mode where you are forcing yourself to believe something that doesn’t feel true? Ask yourself what it would take to make it true. Making a statement can build a wall of resistance while asking a question can tear that wall down. Hopefully, this is clicking into place at this point!

Here is why I think it works.

If I point to a flower and say, “That flower is red.” Your mind will immediately go into defense mode and check your body of knowledge to form snap judgments either agreeing or disagreeing with the statement. On the other hand, if I point to that same flower and ask “Is that flower red?” your mind is forced to take a different approach. You will most likely check in with your body of knowledge to figure out what color you think the flower is and then find proof behind your decision. Your mind will conduct research instead of judging. The major difference is the statement creates an idea you either agree with or negate while the question allows your mind to rummage around for an answer. It’s subtle but one the question tends to bring up new possibilities while the statement doesn’t.

What is the question I’m supposed to be asking?

It is as simple as asking this short open ended question: “What would it take?” then allowing your mind to find a way to bring it into your life or make it happen. The mind will poke around for a solution when you ask it a question or present it with a problem.  This is why you will notice your life changing according to what you focus on. The concept is effortless and if practiced enough it will work to bring you closer to what you want.

I definitely didn’t come up with this technique myself but I’m such a big fan of it that I cannot stop telling my friends about it. It comes from Christie Marie Sheldon’s work on how to attract more abundance into your life. This is just one taste of the many techniques she teaches. If you’re into energy work, I recommend checking her out!

Get down to it.

Ready to learn how it’s done? Yeah you are!

  1. Pen to paper. Write down all of the affirmations that you can’t wrap your mind around. You know the ones that make you go “Yeah right! That’ll never happen for me.”
  2. Add a key ingredient. Now (and this is where it gets really complicated, joking!) pin the question “What would it take to…” on the beginning of each affirmation. Let’s revisit my salary example from earlier: “I effortlessly attract a new job that pays me a $500,000 salary.” Your new and improved version would read “What would it take to effortlessly attract a new job that pays me a $500,000 salary?”
  3. Here comes the fun part. Repeat the question a few times. Try it on for size; see how it fits. Like custom made glove? I think so. Do you notice something? I’ll tell you what I noticed: silence; beautiful, peaceful silence. As in my mind didn’t immediately try to claw its way out of that question like it did for the affirmation. Instead of trying to prove my affirmative statement wrong, my mind goes “Hmm how can I make this happen?” or “What exactly would it take to bring this in?” Like I said, subtle but powerful.
  4. Watch what happens next. Begin setting aside 10-minute blocks of time 3 to 4 times a day. During that time sit quietly and ask yourself the questions you wrote out. I recommend repeating them 30 times per sitting to begin with then you can taper off to repeating them 3 times as you begin to notice results. Over the next few days, weeks and months you will notice changes.


Well, there you have it! It’s my latest and greatest tool that will rock your world and help you better your life.

My challenge to you: Try it out. Give it a good month and note your results. Then email me any questions you have and I can create a blog post around them to help expand on this subject.

Over and out, T
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