When Affirmations Just Don’t Cut It

I’m intrigued by self-growth techniques. Using affirmations is a popular technique that gets tossed around in many books and self-growth circles. It goes something like this, “Want that brand new car? Well manifest it effortlessly by reciting affirmations 10 times a day.”
I’ll be frank: affirmations have never really worked for me. Not that they don’t work in theory, I’m only speaking for myself here.
Here’s what typically happens for me. I read a LOA (Law of Attraction) book or article, get pumped up about using affirmations, sit down to write them out on post-its (I’m the post-it queen, if you know me you know this!) and repeat them every day. This feels fine for a day or two then my evil little self-talk demon starts to surface his ugly pointed head. Suddenly, I don’t feel so optimistic. Instead I start feeling bogged down and cynical because my energy system is screaming “No, you can’t have these things!” at the top of its lungs. No bueno.
Dead end, right? Well no not really. I have two incredible tools that have worked really well for me when it comes to opening up my mind to new possibilities. One tool you already know, of course. It’s none other than handy-dandy tapping (aka EFT). The other tool is asking questions. They both work fabulously! I’ll break each tool down in the next two blog posts and I’ll even include a tapping script for you to tap along with!

– Terran Leigh

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