Don’t Go It Alone

 Okay, so maybe you’ve read articles about what Emotional Freedom Techniques can do for you, or maybe you’re a newbie to the world of energy work.  Either way let’s dive in.
First I’d like to give you some of my personal history with EFT and how working with an EFT Coach really rocked my world and frankly, changed my life.
Here’s where I started:  I felt depressed most of the time, I struggled to do simple everyday things. I struggled to make myself exercise.  I didn’t feel like being social or hanging with friends.  I couldn’t keep up with my work and tended to procrastinate with most things in my work and college life.  I didn’t eat well and tended to eat way too much of the stuff I knew wasn’t good for me.  I had low energy most of the time. I felt like I was aging beyond my years even though I was only 25!  The best way I can describe it was my attitude toward life was “Blah!” I was so confused as to what I was doing wrong.
Then I had enough, I decided to get help.  I google searched the nearest practitioner (over 6 hours away) and hired her as my EFT Coach.
I learned through working with my EFT Coach that it’s not that I was doing anything wrong. There were simply some things from my past that needed to be dealt with.  Since our bodies store all memories, traumas and emotions that aren’t thoroughly processed, it’s no wonder I felt so bogged down! Now I completely get it, but I didn’t back then.
So that’s where my work started: me and my practitioner steadily tapped on each and every memory or feeling that had ever bothered me. I’d excitedly keep a running log of each memory that happened to rear its ugly head during the week. We would work our way down the list during our next session. I watched the long list of memories dwindle down each week, month and day we worked together. Things didn’t seem so overwhelming anymore!
Every week for an hour and a half my practitioner and I would chat and tap, tap and chat, tap tap tap tap tap! Until, inevitably, I would feel better and we’d wrap up the session with the intent to meet again. This went on for over a year. I rarely stick with anything in my life, but sticking with this was easy. Why? Because EFT worked where nothing else would!  It was the one thing I had stumbled on that actually gave me clearly visible, fast, permanent results.
It was exciting to feel the changes inside me.  I also noticed my interactions with people were easier and more sincere. I started enjoying my life because I felt freer!  I started making the big decisions that had once kept me paralyzed in fear. I literally rearranged my life in the course of 6 months.  It happens this way when you build momentum, changes come faster and more easily.
The reason I wrote this article is to emphasize the importance of working, not just with EFT, but with an EFT practitioner/coach.  I had tapped lots of times on myself by myself with small success here and there, but once I enlisted an EFT practitioner I really started noticing the big changes.
What can you experience after just 5 EFT sessions? I’ll tell you what I experienced.  I felt lighter and happier.  I noticed my constant muscle pain (due to tight, tense muscles) disappearing.  I noticed my jaw didn’t hurt anymore and I slept better at night.  I began to exercise and regain my zest for life.
Along the way, I even discovered my own passion: using EFT to help others to experience their own wonderful break throughs.  To this day, my life is forever changed by this simple, silly looking technique we call tapping.  I’m forever grateful for getting my life back without needing medication or major therapy!

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