Tapping Script: It’s the small things…

A short EFT Tapping Script to focus your mind on the small things that matter…

For this script, let’s use FasterEFT (Robert Smith’s style) tapping points instead of the original recipe (Gary Craig’s style).  This cuts out some of the tapping points you may be used to as well as the setup phrase.  This will be very quick and easy! I’m listing the points below within the tapping script for ease of use.

For best results, use this particular script when you are already in a light, happy mood.  I didn’t start if off from a “stressful” perspective so if you are feeling that way you can tap down the negative feelings you feel then use this script to bring good feelings into the mix. Enjoy!

EB: Routines can be comfy

SE: And downright easy

UE: It’s day in and day out

CB: Same thing over and over

EB: Everyday is a blur

CB: Same thing over and over

EB: I’d like to slow down

SE: To take a breather

UE: To feel a slower pace

CB: To relax into my life

EB: I choose to notice

SE: The small things

UE: In my life

CB: The small things that matter

SE: Bring me joy

UE: Bring me happiness

CB: Bring me solace and peace.

Here, stop to take a long, slow deep breath. Hold/tap the wrist tapping point and say “Peace”.

Next round,

EB: When it’s hard to stop

SE: To just slow things down

UE: I’d like for my mind

CB: To take me down a notch

EB: I choose to remember

SE: What downtime feels like

UE: When I’m most stressed

CB: I choose to remember

EB: What free time looks like

SE: When my mind won’t stop turning

UE: I choose to remember the small things

CB: That bring me back to my happy place

EB: I choose to remember: (List your own comforting things below)

SE: (Insert your favorite warm beverage)

UE: (Insert your favorite fluffy friend’s name/pet)

CB: (Insert your favorite book/movie/song)

EB: (Insert your favorite memory)

SE: (Insert your favorite keepsake)

UE: (Insert your favorite feeling.  Example: happiness, excitement, serenity, etc)

CB: I can remember these things whenever I need them most.

Again, stop to take a long, slow deep breath, hold the wrist tapping point and say “Peace”.

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